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Wardrobe Revamp: Old Skirt Re-Redo

I can’t remember exactly where or when I got this skirt because its been that long. I don’t have a picture of it in its original state, the hemline fell awkwardly around mid-shin. This is a picture of it after my hem alteration from several years ago.

I wasn’t good at sewing when I decided to alter it, and it shows. I had cut the detailing on the front in half and the sheer nylon edge to the lining got messed up so that there was a two-inch gap on both sides. However I loved the fit and feel so I wore this thing all the time. The the other day I noticed the nylon edge had gotten damaged.

I decided the best thing to do was replace the edging with some lace (I was never crazy about the nylon, it was static-y.) The only lace I had on hand was this stuff that I bought at the thrift store the other day. It’s hard to tell from the picture but it’s “antique white” in color, and holding it up to the skirt I realized I had a problem. Years ago this skirt was cream-colored, now it’s more like a faded dingy white. Unfortunately the selection of faded dingy white lace at Joanns is minimal… The only options I saw where 1. leave it plain 2. dye the skirt or 3. contrasting not matching lace. Without edging it looked too plain and dyeing could result in an even harder to match color so I went with a contracting trim.

I really liked this crocheted black stuff at the store, it made me think of flappers. However it was 17.99 a yard, so this pre-gathered black lace for 2.99 a yard won. It was insanely difficult to pin this stuff level to my skirt thanks to my first uneven hem and equally uneven lining job.

For the lace seam I used a new technique (for me) I got from this fascinating book Couture Sewing Techniques, Revised and Updated by Claire Shaeffer. It’s about 15 bucks on Amazon, or free if you check it out from the library like I did. It’s full of hand sewing tips, and amazing vintage couture dresses. My seam isn’t exactly perfect or invisible but I am far happier with it then the other attempts I have made with joining lace.

Overall I am very happy with my fixed skirt. I think I will be wearing it for years to come.

Wardrobe Revamp: Problem Shirt Turned Awesome Skirt


Welcome to the first of (hopefully) many editions of Wardrobe Revamp. The premise is pretty basic, right now in my closet there are many articles of clothing that I don’t wear, and I’m sure most woman can relate. Whether they don’t fit, don’t look good, aren’t stylish or need mending I want to make them wearable again. So one by one I’ll be takin’ em out, givin’ em some love and sending them on their way.

For my first WR project, check out this cute lacy number I got several years ago at Forever 21:

Couple of problems with it:

1. That pretty crocheted lace around the top is too small for my chest and although I can get it on, I have to cover the bulge of skin it creates with a jacket or cardigan.

2. The two lace inserts along the front are completely see-through and therefore require an undershirt, not a big deal unless you combine it with the necessity of a cover up, which turns a whimsical summer top into a whole thing.

3. All that lace along the bottom sits right on my hips, and adds quite a bit of junk to an already amply filled trunk.

Solution? ………..Turn it into a skirt.

First I ripped the seams holding the top lace and straps to the rest of the shirt. Next I took measurements for the new waistline and a lining. With that info a quick trip to Joanns was in order for some lining fabric (I just used some super cheap cotton muslin, it’s the same color as the shirt and it feels nice) and a yard of 1 1/2 inch elastic. I sewed the lining and attached it to the top in about a half hour, now the lace inserts are opaque enough for my comfort. I’m not particularly fond of making casings for elastic I think it ends up looking bulky and juvenile so I sewed my elastic to the top of the hemmed skirt with a zig-zag stitch and left it at that.

The moment I slipped I loved it. It looks great and even more awesome it’s super comfortable and easy to wear… in fact I am wearing it now! The thing I loved about this as a top and now as skirt too is how easily I can dress it up with a cute jacket and heels like in the picture or dress it down like I am now with a tank top and sandals. All in all I think the first Wardrobe Revamp is a resounding success.