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Thrifted Treasures

I haven’t had too much time to browse second-hand stores lately so this round-up actually covers about 4 months. I picked up these two first items at Pennywise, a thrift shop in Westminster a couple of minutes away from where I used to live. I actually bought these on two separate occasions. The first a porcelain butterfly:

It is marked with a made in Japan sticker and the base has a metal clip so you can display it. It looks so whimsical perched on my lampshade:

Porcelain Butterfly Clip-On 3

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New Custom Mats for Old Photos

Vintage Black & White Photos

I’ve had a collection of black and white photos for years now, many of which I purchased at a swap meet in Arizona. I had 5 of them matted in these black and white eclectic frames in my house. I created the mats myself… well “mats” is really too nice a word for the cheap paper I used.

My Studio

When I moved, I hung them back up, but I wanted to re-do the mats and add a picture to the 5th frame. So they’ve hung like this for 3 months:

Black & White Frames 2

I finally got around to ordering custom mats 2 weeks ago, from matboardandmore.com. Their site is fantastic, tons of options and super easy and cheap to order weird sized openings.

Custom Matboard Online

I received the mats a couple of days ago, I went with a similar color to the paper I had previously used. Photo grey with black core:

Custom Matboard

I think the grey looks very nice with the old sepia/black and white colors of the photos:

Custom Matboard Vintage Photos

I was less than $30 to mat all 5 of the photos, and I’m glad to have this off my to-do list. Quick and easy projects are the best when you want to feel like your’e accomplishing something! The frames and photos don’t look nearly as good on the white walls of my basement room as they did in my studio room but I’ll move again soon enough. For now I’m glad my vintage photos are protected in the beautiful way. If you need new mats check out Matboard and More.

Black & White Frames 3

What does the Ladies’ Home Journal 1938 and Cookies Have in Common?

Ladies Home Journal 1938

I found this 1938 copy of the Ladies’ Home Journal at a thrift store about a year ago.

Ladies Home Journal 1938

77 year doesn’t seem all that far away but looking through this magazine it feels like an alien civilization. It’s especially evident in the ads, look at this super sexist ad for canned fruit:

Ladies Home Journal 1938Or this cigarette ad advising you to smoke at least 6 packs of Camels to see the difference it makes in your nerves:

Ladies Home Journal 1938

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Recognizing and Cleaning Marble

In my last post I showed you my new little thrifted marble topped plant stand:

Vintage Marble Plant Stand

The wood legs and base are in decent shape, but the wood top in between the marble and legs has significant water damage. Cleaning Marble

The marble top was badly scratched, had several deep water mark and was generally yellowed. Since I don’t know yet what I will be doing to the wood base, I thought I would at least tackle getting the marble clean.

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