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New Thrift Store & Apollo Butterflies

Matt and I visited a thrift store I’ve never been to the other day (I know shocking!). If you’re in the Denver area, check out Demi’s Treasures & Thrift Store. We actually came to pick up this cabinet:

Mid-Century Stand Alone Cabinet


Matt had been in and seen it a few days before and thought I would probably want it. He was right! It’s a really interesting kinda stand alone cabinet with great mid-century legs.

I also found an unabridged 1950’s-ish dictionary. Which if you have seen any of my mixed media pages or the prints for sale in the store you know I use constantly.

Dictionary 6

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A New Sofa and a Fortuitous Wall Art Find

A while back I saw a crazy barrel shaped couch and love seat set on Craigslist. After taking a while to decide finally, that the reaction I had to them was love and not hate, we bought them. However they really weren’t cutting it in the new sitting room:

Old Sofa Set fix

Way too big and bulky, although a unique set and quite comfy for watching TV. Soooo we bought a much more proportional sofa a few days ago. Again I was browsing Craigslist, and this little mid century gem had just about everything on my wishlist, wood frame, light colored upholstery, and minimalist lines.

New Couch fix

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My New House… Sort of

I wanted to do a little tour of my house since I haven’t yet, even though we moved in a little over a year ago. It was built in 1956, and only had one previous owner they paid $11,000 for it in 1957. Most of these pictures are from the first time we saw it after buying (the old pictures of the house are from the owners daughter who was nice enough to bring them to closing) here is the front:

House FrontI’m not sure what year this was taken but those bushes look tiny:

Old House Front

This is what you saw walking in:


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A Long Overdo

I have found some awesome stuff in the last couple weeks, but I haven’t posted about it! Below is a quick wrap-up of some of my great finds.

A vintage wind-up alarm clock, I love the face plate on this. It doesn’t run, the main wind-up mechanism is stuck but the alarm works. It’s so pretty I don’t really care, I just set it to a time I like and display it anyway.

Then there is this awesome oddity, a rather detailed house shaped picture frame.

It was $3.99, and it took forever to purchase because the woman in front of me was returning some things… to Goodwill… like 6 bucks worth of junk… to a thrift store. It took about 15 minutes and a manager had to come over and check back in a candle, a candle stick, two place mats and a little purple vase. I am of the opinion that if you buy something at a thrift store, it’s yours. Most second-hand stores don’t even take returns and the ones that do never take returns on the things that would be worth it like furniture and electronics. Back to the frame though, super cool very kitschy.

Moving on here are two chairs that Matt really wanted.

The first green one is a rocker and is in the living room now, it was marked $30 but Matt talked the manager of the Savers up the street down to $12. The second is a Goodwill find and it is super comfortable, doesn’t roll all that well though. Although it seemed to be popular, I sat in it while I contemplated buying it and people kept coming up and touching it.

I saw this lamp from across the store and knew I was definitely going to buy it. I want a new shade though, I think a nice drum shape would be best.

Lastly is a server I bought today for $25. It is very large and a bit dinged up but it is perfect for the kitchen.

I know it’s a not in mint condition but when the guy from the store brought it outside for me he drug it along the asphalt which resulted in this:

He spoke no English, and I don’t think I would have complained anyway but come on I did just buy this. I think thrift stores are generally rather rough with the merchandise I suppose they figure if it’s a got a big gouge in the top people will still buy it so why be careful.

I love the hardware and I think it looks great in my kitchen plus Todd seems to like it so I’ve got that going for me.