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Mini Curtain Project, Some Thrift Store Finds and Pretty Plants

I’ve needed curtains in my studio/office since we’ve moved in. Well we’ve needed curtains in lots of rooms since we moved in but haven’t quite got there. For the office I wanted a very simple, small cafe curtain on a tension rod inside the frame. There is very little space left in that room and large curtains would be in my way.

So when Matt and I went to IKEA last weekend I grabbed a pair of Matilda curtains. IKEA Matilda Cafe Curtains

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Easy Cheap Closet Updates

In Matt and I’s grand master plan for the house, we want to add a walk in closet to the master bedroom in the basement. With big wardrobes, and lots of shelves. However, since there isn’t even the bedroom part of the plan done yet, our clothes are in separate closets. Mine are in my studio/workshop room with my dresser and scarf storage wall. When we moved into this house a year ago, the closet looked like this:image

I couldn’t stand the sliding doors. How is anyone suppose to get dressed looking at half the closet at a time! The first little update was taking the doors off. I’ve done this mini update to a couple of ugly rental closets too, since it’s easy to put the doors back up when you move out. If you don’t keep your closets tidy though than the interior might be just as much of an eyesore as the ugly doors!

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Copper and Rope Hanging Planter Tutorial

I had these lovely Epipremnum aureums (Golden Pothos) in hanging pots but nowhere nice to hang them. The hook in the ceiling is too dated for my taste.

PothosSo I came up a copper and rope hanger for them! To make your own you will need:

Supplies for Copper Rope Planter Hanger

Rope, copper pipe, copper end caps, copper brackets, thin hemp rope to bind the ends of the large rope (that’s whats pictured but I ended up using heavy duty black thread for color contrast), screws and anchors for the ceiling, hooks to hang the pots from (or you could slide the hanging pot right onto the pipe), and the planted hanging pots you want to hang. Everything I used is from Home Depot, except the hooks and pots which are from IKEA.

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My First Kitchen Table

When Matt and I moved into our first apartment almost three years ago, we had very little furniture and very little money. We bought a sofa set soon there after, and ate every meal on it, so buying a table fell by the wayside. The next year we moved into a new house and the previous renters had left a table set. It was a terrible thing, unfinished on top, sponge painted green and black on the bottom. However, since it was usable, we never ended up purchasing a table of our own. Fast forward another year or so and we were in a new townhouse, without a dining room table or chairs and very tired of eating on sofas. Not anymore!

Here are the chairs we found at Goodwill and really liked:

It took us a few months to figure out what kind of table would look good with these chairs. Matt and I decided that, we wanted a circle table, and we wanted it to be white. That left us very few options, so we bought the very budget friendly, albeit fairly cliché white tulip table (Docksta) from IKEA.

I really like the way the table plays off the white in the artwork and the bright colors of the walls. I love the chairs’ streamlined look and dark brown wood. The server… although I love him very much doesn’t really fit with any of this.

One day I will re-finish the server, and change out the hardware to go with the kitchen’s mix of modern design and earthy colors and textures. Until then, he is just too useful as storage space to move out of the kitchen. Here are a couple more shots of the kitchen, including my woefully uninspired cabinets.

As you can see we also bought a jute rug (Tarnby) from IKEA. I had mixed feelings about it at first, since the color looks kinda odd with our reddish flooring but it’s very nice to have something warm under your feet when sitting at the table. Plus I love the texture:

So there you have it almost three years of marriage, and we finally got around to buying a kitchen table. Give it another three years and I might finish our wedding album.

Hand Stamped Labels for Ikea Jars

While checking out the dusty junk aisles of ARC yesterday I came across a little rubber stamp printing kit. It was $3.99 and taped shut, worried that it would only have Qs and Xs, I looked around for any employees and sliced through the tape with my car key. It looked like the last owner used it to stamp the same account info over and over and nothing else. Almost all the others letters had never been touched. So I brought it home.

I didn’t buy it for any particular purpose, but I quickly thought of a great project. Lovely little labels for the generic looking IKEA jars in my kitchen. It was pretty simple to do, but it was time consuming. It wouldn’t take nearly as long to arrange the stamp if it was easier to get at the right letters. I’m going to look out for a small divided box at thrift stores, the organizing tray it comes with isn’t much help.

If you want to copy my method, it’s really simple. If you have a similar stamp kit use that or just print out your labels in a cool font. Cut out the labels and affix to your jars with a piece of clear contact paper cut slightly bigger than the paper.

Some of my labels before contact paper:

Something look off? Yeah I know I spelled roasted wrong. I’m terrible at spelling correctly when it’s during a project. When I do lettering or calligraphy I have to spell out the text on scrap paper and reference it before I do each letter. I noticed I’d spelled roasted wrong after I had cleaned up everything so I just cut off the “rosted” part and labeled the jar almonds.

I did this in the middle of the night so it was necessary to take the pictures in my light box. My kitchen is red and orange and it’s impossible to take a decent picture in it at night. Anyway we are moving to a whole open storage system for the kitchen dry goods and I love having all the plain jars labeled. I’ll post pictures of my sweet kitchen setup as soon as I remember to take them when the lighting is good!