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We Sold the House

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted. I’ve been trying to figure out what I wanted to say. Or if I even wanted to say anything… We sold our house… let me re-phrase Matt sold our house. I hadn’t lived there for 6 months. It’s a very bittersweet end, on one hand I’m glad it’s gone and we both needed the money to fund new projects, new lives… but I worked so hard to make that house beautiful. So many projects done, so many projects in progress. Below is about as far as I got with the kitchen cabinets, I hung a couple more doors before I left. Sanded, stained, sealed, new veneer, handles and hinges, the interiors all painted teal and lined with cork. They looked fantastic.


New tub, new tile, new vanity, all the walls painted, the wall we torn out, so much cleaning, so much painting. All gone. When I first moved out, I was so upset and sad but I’ve realized over the last few months, I’ve left many rentals before and I worked hard to make them beautiful knowing I would leave. I can and will make anywhere I live just as wonderful, I just never entertained the notion that I would have to leave this house:

House Front

I think that’s been the hardest part of this transition, trying to re-imagine and redefine who you are to yourself and then presenting that to others. I’m not a happy married woman living with her husband in our beautiful home… but I hadn’t been that person for years. That was the image of myself I kept in my mind, that’s what I told people. I’m separated, I’m living with my parents again, and I’m very happy there. I’m working full-time, I go to yoga, I try to drink enough water, and get enough sleep… In short I’m taking care of myself. Endings are always sad and I will miss all the things I’m leaving behind, but I know I’m on the path to a much brighter future for the first time in a long time. I hope Matt is doing the same.

Lory State Park Me

Room Tour: My Studio/Office/Closet

I’ve shown a couple of the projects in my back room/studio/closet/office (I have trouble labeling this room) before… The scarf wall, and my simple closet updates. However, I don’t think I’ve ever posted a look at the whole room. I happened to clean up all of my half finished projects today so it was the perfect time to show it off. Lets start with my favorite wall which is what you see when you walk in the door:

My Studio

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Easy Cheap Closet Updates

In Matt and I’s grand master plan for the house, we want to add a walk in closet to the master bedroom in the basement. With big wardrobes, and lots of shelves. However, since there isn’t even the bedroom part of the plan done yet, our clothes are in separate closets. Mine are in my studio/workshop room with my dresser and scarf storage wall. When we moved into this house a year ago, the closet looked like this:image

I couldn’t stand the sliding doors. How is anyone suppose to get dressed looking at half the closet at a time! The first little update was taking the doors off. I’ve done this mini update to a couple of ugly rental closets too, since it’s easy to put the doors back up when you move out. If you don’t keep your closets tidy though than the interior might be just as much of an eyesore as the ugly doors!

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Tiny Bedroom – 1 Wall = Sitting Room

The day Matt and I moved into our house we decided the wall separating the front room and the small third bedroom needed to go. A couple months ago we got around to doing it. I drew you this sweet picture of the doomed wall in question:


Here is Matt cutting out the first pieces:

Wall Before fix

Wall Cut Through fixAt first we only cut an opening, instead of removing the whole thing. It made you feel like something was blocking your vision of both areas, so we took it out the rest.

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Bathroom Renovations

When Matt and I moved into this house our first priority was the bathroom. It was atrocious, not just ugly but also so disgusting. The pink carpet had gotten so filthy it always felt kinda damp. Anyway we got on fixing it up so fast I can’t find a before picture. Here it is with demo already in progress:

Before Vanity     Bathroom Demo

Brown tub and toilet, light oak accents, lime green plastic tiles, pink carpet and lavender walls…

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My New House… Sort of

I wanted to do a little tour of my house since I haven’t yet, even though we moved in a little over a year ago. It was built in 1956, and only had one previous owner they paid $11,000 for it in 1957. Most of these pictures are from the first time we saw it after buying (the old pictures of the house are from the owners daughter who was nice enough to bring them to closing) here is the front:

House FrontI’m not sure what year this was taken but those bushes look tiny:

Old House Front

This is what you saw walking in:


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Moving In… Finally!

It’s been forever since I’ve had a chance to post some projects! Matt and I finally settled for and moved into a place. It’s a cute townhouse in Aurora with tons of room and alas nowhere near downtown. Anyway I have been crazy busy moving and unpacking and cleaning. Now that we have a home though I’ve got thousands of projects waiting to be given attention and posted on my sweet blog!

It's Nearly Fall Again

It’s nearly time for all the pretty flowers and greenery to go away for another Autumn. All the kids are going back to school, Matt is getting ready to go to school. I am looking forward to the temps. cooling down mostly because I have lots of adorable cardigans and jackets that I can’t wait to wear.

Matt and I unfortunately will not be purchasing a home this year. Our lender, who swore up and down that we would get a loan, and who wrote several pre-approval letters, pulled out at the last-minute. So we are looking to find a rental, but it’s been hard to shift focus to something temporary. The ugly, crummy, dirty duplex we saw today costs waaaaay more a month than buying a house and you have to deal with a landlord. I think we are just going to have to find an apartment complex close to downtown and resign ourselves to taking Copper for plenty of walks. Here are some nice shots of my Dad’s garden, enjoy the good weather and green plants… they are on their way out!

House News

Matt and I have put an offer in on a house, it’s been accepted and we are waiting to finalize the loan! Pending any disastrous problems with the home inspection… we have a house!!!

Gorgeous right? It needs a facelift and plenty of work inside as well. It also come with a truly hideous 6 car car-port jutting out the back of the house, which I am all for knocking down. In any case I hope everything goes well and by the end of summer we are living here happily.