Inspired by a desire to eliminate all the unhealthy and unnecessary chemicals found in my current beauty routine, I am trying tons of natural alternatives. My goal is to find substitutes I love for my current shampoo, conditioner, cleanser etc. Most of the recipes come from Nerys Purchon’s book “Health and Beauty the Natural Way” others are from awesome blogs around the web. If you are interesting in natural beauty I would highly recommend getting a copy of “Health and Beauty the Natural Way” (ISBN: 1567995292). On used copies go for only 50¢. If you want more info on the dangers of chemical laden products check out these links: Identifying and Avoiding Toxins in Beauty and Personal Care Products by and FDA Regulatory Shortcomings over Cosmetics by (pdf). If you want to check out the ingredients in your beauty products look up them up here:

So whether you want to save yourself from cancer, save the environment, save money or you’ve got a big date tonight and have no shampoo left, check out these natural beauty recipes. I’ll be adding new ones as I try them so check back often!

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