How to Clean & Restore Vintage Singer Sewing Machines

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Excerpt from introduction: A few years ago my Uncle dumped a vintage Singer sewing machine on my Aunt’s lawn as a practical joke. It ended up with me, and over the next months I cleaned, repaired, oiled and adjusted the machine until it sewed once more. I documented my journey over a number of blog posts.  The series has become some of the most popular content I have ever written. In fact, at least once a month I get a request for help with a vintage machine a reader is laboring over. I put together this eBook, as an easily printable, complied and revised collection of those posts. I have also added helpful links from elsewhere in the blogosphere, and a question and answer section.

The machine I fix in the eBook is a 15-90 Singer machine, these instruction will also work for the identical models 15-89 or 15-91 (non-electrical). The cleaning instructions and procedure will work for an all steel machine of any make and model. If you would prefer to read the free version of my tutorial here is the first post.

This is a virtual product, once payment is received you will be able to download the How to Clean & Restore Vintage Singer Sewing Machines PDF eBook.

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  1. Sewing machines de-mystified! Get yourself a vintage sewing machine you can fix yourself and it will probably outlast any modern piece of plastic. Very helpful and well done guide to fixing up a vintage sewing machine. Photos and explanations are very clear. I hope you do more tutorials covering other vintage sewing machine makes and models. This is a great beginning, and where else can you get such a helpful guide for only .99! Highly recommended!

    Anne Haines 5 years ago
    5 out of 5