Mixed Media Monday: Shaving Cream Paper Marbling

Shaving Cream Marbling

I created this week’s page and video some time ago, but it need quite a bit of editing and it fell to the bottom of the to-do pile. Shaving cream marbling is an incredibly easy technique. All you need is the cheapest shaving cream (not gel!), acrylic paint, and tools to spread and manipulate the paint. You can watch the technique in the video below, really it boils down to spread your shaving cream, pour paint on top, use some type of tool to pull the paint/cream into an interesting pattern and press paper down on top to pull the paint up.

For the best results, give the shaving cream/paint covered piece of paper time to set before running the paper under a gently stream of water to remove the residual cream. Here are a few of my favorite pulls:


I combined one of these beautifully patterned papers with cut outs and image transfers from a vintage Ladies’ Home Journal plus the usual gesso and paint pens to create this weeks page. If you enjoy these videos, don’t forget to like, comment and share!


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