Mini Curtain Project, Some Thrift Store Finds and Pretty Plants

I’ve needed curtains in my studio/office since we’ve moved in. Well we’ve needed curtains in lots of rooms since we moved in but haven’t quite got there. For the office I wanted a very simple, small cafe curtain on a tension rod inside the frame. There is very little space left in that room and large curtains would be in my way.

So when Matt and I went to IKEA last weekend I grabbed a pair of Matilda curtains. IKEA Matilda Cafe Curtains

They are 98″ long, so I cut and hemmed each panel to be only 30″ long. I was going to take the rest of the length and turn them into two more 30″ panels but it was late I measured and cut the first one wrong sooooooo I abandoned that plan. I think it still looks nice with just the two:

IKEA Matilda Cafe Curtains

As you can see these pictures are from right after I finished them:

IKEA Matilda Cafe Curtains

I bought a couple of new plants while I was at IKEA as well, and brought them home to find I had no more pots to put them in. I’ve tried to steer clear of any plastic containers for my plant collection, just terracotta or metal or clay anything natural really. Brass pots are all over thrift stores in varying degrees of decay. I found these plus a shallow terracotta pot yesterday:

Brass Thrift Store Pots

Brass is very easy to shine up if you are so inclined, use a paste of baking soda and either lemon juice or vinegar. If the brass is badly tarnished leave the paste on the surface for a few minutes before scrubbing with a soft cloth. You can also use Brasso, which smells terrible but does get the job done a bit quicker. I only polished the curvy pot on the left since I liked the way the other was tarnished. When cleaning plant pots care must be taken not to leave any cleaning residue since it will leach into the soil and affect the plants health. Here they are planted:

Thrift Store Brass Planter

Thrift Store Terracotta Planter

Thrift Store Brass Planter

I found some other awesome things at the thrift store when I was looking for plant pots, first this gorgeously mid-century teak serving tray:

Mid-Modern Teak Serving Tray

Another brass light fixture like the big one I turned into a terrarium:

Brass Light Fixture Terrarium

Here it is gutted and planted:

Brass Light Fixture Terrarium

I also found this interestingly patterned fabric, it has printed in Kenya on the side and I think it must have been a scarf or wall hanging since all the edges are hemmed. Thrift Store Fabric Kenya

I don’t always check out the clothing when thrifting, but I did this last time and found some great stuff. I’ve already worn this little dress several times, it’s been so nice out:

Little Thrift Dress

I actually bought this next dress brand new for $30 from Forever 21 years ago but it was too big and I returned it, this one fits perfectly and for $5! Forever 21 Dress

The buttons on the top are gone but that has to be the easiest fix in the world of clothing repairs:

Forever 21 Dress

I’ll either replace them all to match or maybe change the way the whole top closes perhaps with some lace underneath.

I bought this ridiculously ugly puff sleeve top to harvest it’s lace:

Black Lace

Black Lace Detail

Lastly I bought this silly skull tee, I’m going to have to cut it up though, I can’t stand to wear anything that touches my collarbone:

Thrifted Skull Tee

This post has been all over the place so one last thing in honor of the first day of Spring here is my mini rose and its somewhat odd looking flower! Yay Spring! Have a good rest of your Friday!

First Day of Spring Rose

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