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Have you noticed that the amount of project posts have been right around 0 lately? Well that isn’t for lack of working on some, it’s more a lack of finishing any. So I thought I would do a little roundup of all the projects I’ve been working on around the house which will eventually turn into awesome posts.

You might have seen the hideous faux brick back wall of my kitchen in this post, which I have been laboring over. Here it is with the removal started.

Faux Brick Removal

If it were me I would rip ALL of the nasty bricks down but… Matt likes them. We decided to keep all the bricks around the sliding door, painted white of course. I’ve cut a line through the edge bricks to even them out, and applied multiple coats of drywall mud to the rest of the wall. There is still some sanding and painting left to do and we need to pick out some kind of wood/metal molding/trim end piece to finish the bricks off.

Faux Brick Removal

I have also been experimenting with paper mache clay. I am trying to make a custom floor vase out of this cardboard vase for the branch display I made. Here is how it looks now:

Paper Mache Clay Vase

There is quite a bit of dry time on the clay, so it’s been slowly getting to this stage for a few weeks now. I want to do another full coat to even out the texture and then I’m not sure about color or pattern for the finished product.

I have also been fitting in a little thrifting, I found this today:

Vintage Marble Plant Stand

It’s a vintage plant stand, with a marble top. The whole thing has some pretty bad water damage, but I love the legs and it was only $15.

I also found this lovely little vase last weekend that looks so pretty filled to brim with carnations:

Vintage White Oval Vase

It’s similar to the large round vase that usually gets to sit on my coffee table:

Large Round White Vase

If you have read any of my posts the last few months, then you have definitely heard about The Great Wave. I didn’t like the orange background on my blue walls and have subsequently been repainting it every other week:

The Great Wave Re-Paint

It is currently this salmon color:

The Great Wave Re-Paint

Maybe I would like it better red.

I have also been taking care of lots of little things around the house. For instance patching the huge hole in the bathroom wall where we moved the plumbing and hanging this mirror which has sat against the wall since we moved in a year ago.

Dining Room Mirror

Have you ever seen the tiny succulent display’s at Home Depot, they are all $2.50 and I can never resist picking up a new baby cactus. Which it why I needed to do some repotting today:

Re-potting Succulents

Although this gorgeous fabric wasn’t from a thrift store, it is vintage. Vintage Flower Fabric

My wonderful aunt took me around a bunch of awesome handmade/vintage/indie type stores that she lives next to in Denver last week. So many cool ideas, sooooo many things I want to go back and buy. I want to make a blousy tank top with lace straps out of this fabric.

In addition to all my real world projects, I’m in the middle of redesigning my blog into a new website which I thought would take me days and is quickly turning into months.

Anywho, I really should get to work on at least one of these projects so I’ll leave you with my tired basset hound looking styling in my sitting room:

Sitting Room and Basset Hound

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