Mixed Media Monday: Oil Pastel Scratch Art Background

Did you ever do scratch art in school with the black board, that once scratched revealed another brighter color? There are tons of ways to achieve the same effect without buying the boards. The basic procedure is to put down a layer of crayon and paint over it with a black opaque layer. Try one of these links for recipes along those lines: PBS Scratch Art Paper, Makezine DIY Scratch Art, or ArtRoom 104 Homemade Scratch Art.

For my version, I used oil pastels. The great thing about this technique is there is no dry time, and no need for heavy cardboard. Coat your paper in a layer of oil pastels, and then coat it again in a darker contrasting color. Use a tool to scratch away the top layer, I use an orange stick (the kind for pushing back cuticles). Here are a few examples I did a while back on watercolor paper:

Oil Pastel Scratch Art


Oil Pastel Scratch Art

Oil Pastel Scratch Art

You can also use printed paper so long as it’s glossy and resists the oil pastel like I did for this layout:

Oil Pastel Scratch Art

Watch me make a scratch art background for my art journal in the video below. I tried some new things with this weeks video so let me know if you like the new format!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3C2BBOa8ls0?rel=0&w=960&h=720]

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