Easy Cheap Closet Updates

In Matt and I’s grand master plan for the house, we want to add a walk in closet to the master bedroom in the basement. With big wardrobes, and lots of shelves. However, since there isn’t even the bedroom part of the plan done yet, our clothes are in separate closets. Mine are in my studio/workshop room with my dresser and scarf storage wall. When we moved into this house a year ago, the closet looked like this:image

I couldn’t stand the sliding doors. How is anyone suppose to get dressed looking at half the closet at a time! The first little update was taking the doors off. I’ve done this mini update to a couple of ugly rental closets too, since it’s easy to put the doors back up when you move out. If you don’t keep your closets tidy though than the interior might be just as much of an eyesore as the ugly doors!

As you can see removing the doors didn’t solve the too many shoes for this closet problem:

Easy Closet Updates

The shelf and rod were really low, so I busted them both out, and moved them higher:

Easy Closet Updates

I repaired all the holes I made in the walls, and painted everything white. With the rod up higher there was room to install shoe shelves:

Easy Closet Updates

I already had the two shelves in the picture above on hand, and bought another than painted all three white. They are the Fabian wall shelves from IKEA, they come with the metal brackets and are only $8. I also replaced the top shelf and here it is done:

Easy Closet Updates

Since I had the paint, and two shelves on hand all this update cost me was $8 for a third shelf. Easy-peasy update for a too small closet!

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