Copper and Rope Hanging Planter Tutorial

I had these lovely Epipremnum aureums (Golden Pothos) in hanging pots but nowhere nice to hang them. The hook in the ceiling is too dated for my taste.

PothosSo I came up a copper and rope hanger for them! To make your own you will need:

Supplies for Copper Rope Planter Hanger

Rope, copper pipe, copper end caps, copper brackets, thin hemp rope to bind the ends of the large rope (that’s whats pictured but I ended up using heavy duty black thread for color contrast), screws and anchors for the ceiling, hooks to hang the pots from (or you could slide the hanging pot right onto the pipe), and the planted hanging pots you want to hang. Everything I used is from Home Depot, except the hooks and pots which are from IKEA.

First up tie the knots, I used a square knot. Measure how far down you want the pipe to hang from the ceiling, make the top loop this long. To tie this knot you first go right over left and then left over right.Tie a square knot 1Tie a square knot 2Tie a Square Knot 3How to tie a square Knot 4Tie a square knot 5If my pictures don’t make it clear enough check out this video from The Art of Manliness. To help with adjustments cut the ends longer than you need. When you have the lengths right trim the excess rope. Bind the ends to prevent unraveling, with smaller rope or heavy duty thread:

Wrap Ends of Rope

Here are my finished knots, one is longer than the other since my ceiling is sloped:

Finished Knots

Install the anchors into the ceiling and screw one side of each copper bracket into the ceiling, so you can add the knot before closing them:

Hanging Rope Copper Brackets

Finish screwing in brackets, and side the copper pipe though the center of each knot:

Copper and Rope Hanger

By the end of all my adjusting, I had touched the brackets and pipe enough to tarnish it pretty bad:

Before Brasso

I used some Brasso to shine up the copper pieces, if you don’t have any on hand salt and lemon juice works just as well though a little slower.

After Brasso

Use hooks to hang your pots:

Finished Copper Hanging Plants z

Pothos Close Up

Much better now that the Pothos (which are toxic to cats) and the hanging strings aren’t dangling around, tempting these handsome¬†boys:


Oliver in Hat

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