The Saga of My Basket Pendent Light

Basket lights have been all over the home decor scene lately. From left to right, a DIY job from Young House Love, a $600 Currey and Company option on Amazon, and another DIY this time with a wire basket from Hello Lidy:


I had been on the look out for a cool basket to turn into a light when this actual basket light caught my eye a few weeks back for $6 at the ARC. You may have seen it hanging out in the sitting room.
1 Pendant fix

AOld Cord fixs you can see on the left the wiring was in terrible shape, and the ugly chain it came with… sucked. I cleaned the wood and wicker by spritzing it with water in my bathtub and using an old toothbrush I got the crevices clean. I hung it up to dry and it was as good as new! It’s important in cleaning wicker that it doesn’t get too wet, and dries quickly! I bought a cheap new light cord set from IKEA, to replace the old wiring, and chopped it down to size:Hemma Mode fixA plain cord going up to the ceiling plate was too unimaginative for me. I googled cool ideas other people have come up with like this fabric cover, wrapped rope and wood beads. I bought a couple different types of wood beads from Hobby Lobby, and two larger wooden knobs to be the end caps.

Beads fixThe end cap balls were unfinished so I gave them a coat of left over red oak stain after drilling a hole through them.

I tried the circle beads first, with out end caps:

Pendant Trial fixBut I ended up liking the other beads more, here they are with the end caps in place (the bottom circle bead is a spacer, so you can see more of the large ball when it’s hanging up): String Beads fix

I wired the new cord to the junction box on the ceiling and screwed in the brass ceiling plate (which was an unused part from this light fixture terrarium project) All done:

Pendant with Brass fix

Or it would have been if I liked how it looked… I didn’t. The brass looked wrong and dated and ugly. So after a few days of trying to come up with a solution that didn’t involve spray paint, my kitchen cupboard yielded this:

Wood Bowl 0 fix

I used the brass plate as a template for where the screw holes needed to go:

Wood Bowl 1 fix

Wood Bowl 2 fix

And strung everything back up, minus a couple beads since the new ceiling plate (or ceiling bowl lol) adds a few more inches of drop, rewired the light and:

Pendant with Wood fix

I think it matches everything nicely. Plus it cost me nothing, which is of course the best kind of solution! $6 for the basket light, $5 for the cord, $5 in wood beads (after coupons) and a $4 globe bulb and I have a lovely $20 mid-century basket pendent light. What do you think of the basket light trend? Love the texture, or think they belong on the ground?

End Result fix

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