Tiny Bedroom – 1 Wall = Sitting Room

The day Matt and I moved into our house we decided the wall separating the front room and the small third bedroom needed to go. A couple months ago we got around to doing it. I drew you this sweet picture of the doomed wall in question:


Here is Matt cutting out the first pieces:

Wall Before fix

Wall Cut Through fixAt first we only cut an opening, instead of removing the whole thing. It made you feel like something was blocking your vision of both areas, so we took it out the rest.

Wall Cut Through 2 fix           Wall In Progress 2 fix


After much mud work:

Wall Mudding fix

It was ready for primer, I didn’t actually buy primer since I had buckets of flat white and used that instead. The mud soaks up paint so it took several application until it was a uniform white:

Blue Room 5 fix

We also took out the ugly brass wall sconce and added the wiring for a pendant light. The color we chose is Deep Twilight Blue (Valspar).

Blue Room 6 fix

Do you know the secret to really straight paint lines? Tape them out then paint with the first color in my case bright white and then paint over that with your actual color. All the bleed through will be of the white paint, leaving the blue in a perfect line! Check out this tutorial with pictures if it still isn’t clear how to do it from The House of Hepworths.
Blue Room 7 fix

My beautiful new sitting room!

Blue Room 9 fix

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  1. Love this blog Jordan – I just got this link yesterday – the new couch is awesome — and I love your DIY projects… do you want a link from my blog? – its all Mid Century people and I think they’ed like to see these mid century ideas you’ve got going on –

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