Bathroom Renovations

When Matt and I moved into this house our first priority was the bathroom. It was atrocious, not just ugly but also so disgusting. The pink carpet had gotten so filthy it always felt kinda damp. Anyway we got on fixing it up so fast I can’t find a before picture. Here it is with demo already in progress:

Before Vanity     Bathroom Demo

Brown tub and toilet, light oak accents, lime green plastic tiles, pink carpet and lavender walls…

First thing in was our new tub:

New TubAnd then new surround, we chose simple white subway tiles because we had big plans for the floor. This is before grout:

Subway Tile No Grout 1 fixAnd after grout:

Subway Tile Grouted fixNext up, more demo I removed the vanity over one long afternoon:

Bathroom Before 1 fix

And then it was time for the fun part of playing with the floor tiles!

Tile Pattern fix

We bought several boxes of these 2 x 8 slate tiles from The Tile Shop. Over a week or so Matt and I worked on the floor together most nights. He cut tiles and I laid them:

Tile Spacing Close up fix

Tile Spacing 1 fix

We had a few tiles pop off the mastic when I removed the tile spacers, I think this was because we didn’t wet the tile back first. After we started dunking them in water no more popped up. You can also see the last of the brown toilet in this picture!

Tile In Progress 2 fixHere is Matt laying the last intricate cuts:

Tile In Progress fix

We added half inch back splash tiles around the walls and tub to finish off the edges:

Tile Close Up fix

Here is the whole thing done without grout:

Tile No Grout 1 fix

I grouted it myself one day while Matt was at work, it looks almost white in these photos but is actually light grayish silver.

Tile Grouted 2 fix

Beautiful herringbone!

Tile Grouted 1 fix

We bought the new vanity when we bought the toilet and tub but that will be in a whole different post for now look at Todd checking out the inside of it:

Bathroom Vanity

With the bathroom usable and so much prettier our attention shifted to other sore spots around the house. Among the things still on the to do list, painting, a medicine cabinet or mirror or both, and curtains for the window.

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