My New House… Sort of

I wanted to do a little tour of my house since I haven’t yet, even though we moved in a little over a year ago. It was built in 1956, and only had one previous owner they paid $11,000 for it in 1957. Most of these pictures are from the first time we saw it after buying (the old pictures of the house are from the owners daughter who was nice enough to bring them to closing) here is the front:

House FrontI’m not sure what year this was taken but those bushes look tiny:

Old House Front

This is what you saw walking in:


The other side of the half wall has these metal planter box inserts (check out the pale pink carpet):


Here is the front room (after many coats of primer) looking out on the street:Front Room fix

This is the front room as the sellers daughter remembers it, got to love those curtains huh?Old Living Room

This is the kitchen as it was when we first saw it… a tad cramped:

Kitchen BeforeHere is another view of it, with plenty more faux brick:

Inside KitchenHere it is back in 1957:

Old Kitchen

The backyard:

BackyardAnd me in the backyard (with our jute rug drying in the sunlight, and basset hound making trouble):

Me BackyardThere is plenty of work to do (even a year later), but I loved it so much as is there is no where to go but up.

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