A New Skirt and Bag, Lovely Fabric, and More Jars

I found this lovely fabric at a thrift store a week or so ago. It’s amazingly soft, luscious wool in a classic houndstooth pattern. It was only $2.99, and I really want to turn it into a scarf, a pencil skirt, a blazer, and a sweater dress… unfortunately I will only have enough for one of those things. It’s marked 100% Italian virgin wool. Virgin wool, is just wool that has never been used before. Most wool products nowadays are “virgin” but back during WWII much of the wool being produced was earmarked for the war effort. So manufactures turned to unraveling old wool products and turning them into something new. Now wool production is inexpensive, so it’s rare to see something marked “virgin wool” since it’s all virgin wool. (Source) It does sound impressive though.

Moving on, I also bought this skirt:

Yes, I know at first glance it’s pretty lame. I loved the pattern though, and I have some alterations in mind. I think shorter it will be lovely, and less middle-aged woman’s church skirt. I like the idea of a button up skirt, very cute… maybe I should switch out the buttons? It was only 2 bucks, so I could really tear it up to use as rags and still come out on top.

I didn’t buy these jars at a thrift store, a family member gave them to me.I, like the rest of internet (at least the women anyway) are pretty obsessed with these babies. I’ve written about them before, here.

The one on the right is made by the Hazel-Atlas Glass Company, which is the same company that produced the depression glass I have. Check out my post about depression glass here. I have done anything with these jars yet, I feel the same way about them as I do about a perfectly white sheet of drawing paper. I could create something with them, but on the other hand I could just sit and stare at their great potential. Here are some other people’s aqua canning jar projects (click the image to go to its origin site):


I would love to find some that still had the zinc lids. I don’t think that is likely at thrift stores, but I can’t spend $10 bucks a jar on Etsy or eBay.

Lastly in my recent thrifting, this little, kinda beat up purse:

I have big plans for this $3 mini messenger bag. I will undoubtably be posting all about it in a few days, until then check out these other leather bag redo’s (click on the image to go to its origin site):

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