Make Your Own Simple Wire Ear Cuff

I had never heard of ear cuffs until about a week ago. The concept is simple, a metal cuff that adorns the outside of the ear without a piercing. Cuffs range from plain wire like the one I will be showing you how to make, to intricate cuffs that have beads, chains, etc. Here are a couple of cool ones from around the web (click the picture to go to the origin page):


It’s not hard to find at least one ear cuff you like no matter what your personal style is. Below I go through how to make a very simple wire cuff, from there you can experiment with all sorts of different ideas.

Here is the finished ear cuff I made, I takes about a minute to complete once you get the hang of working with wire. I used 20 gauge black jewelry wire, flat nose pliers, round nose pliers, wire snips, and a ruler. It’s possible to do this without round nose pliers, they just make forming the loops easier. It’s also important that whatever pliers you use, they don’t have ridges, since they could mar the wire. This ear cuff, like most, is flexible and can be placed wherever you like on the ear. So without further ado there is my…

Simple Wire Ear Cuff Tutorial:

That is all you have to do, it takes no time and it’s hard not to just keep making them. I love this style of ear cuff, it looks good with everything. These are so fun to make, I want to experiment with adding some dangling chains. Good luck making your own. Any questions? Just leave me a comment.

UPDATE: If you like this tutorial check out my newest one here: Pearl Wire Wrapped Ear Cuff.

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