T-shirt Neckline Alteration

As I mentioned in my last post, I bought this lovely dragon t-shirt at the Salvation Army.

I neglected to try it on, which is just as well since although its neckline doesn’t fit I love the print! So here is where I would usually stick in some examples from the web of other people’s t-shirt alterations. However, when I looked for good examples, I found soooo many I decided to make a Pinterest board instead. I’ve got a ton of cool examples with tutorials attached of redoing and recycling t-shirts. There are even a couple that are no sew. Check it out here.

Back to my t-shirt, since I liked everything but the neckline I decided to just cut a new one. On the right is the neckline before altering. See how the fabric is all puckered. I wanted a boat neck or similar shoulder baring new neckline so I took tailor’s chalk and while I still had the t-shirt on marked a new line I liked.

Pretty simple, once I had a line marked out that I liked, I measured from the arm seams to make sure it was symmetrical and cut off the excess fabric:


Once the new neckline is cut, you can either leave it un-hemmed since knit fabric won’t fray or finish it. I don’t like the look of un-hemmed knits since they tend to roll up a little. The easiest way to bind a neckline or sleeve is to use single fold bias tape. So here is my quick tutorial on how to use it.

First open up the bias tape and pin it to the right side of the neckline:

Once it’s completely pinned, sew along the tape a fourth of an inch away from the edge.

It’s hard to tell but this picture is showing you that it’s sewn:

Next you will flip the bias tape over so it’s laying against the back of the shirt:


Iron the seam so the bias tape lays flat against the inside of the shirt:

Lastly, top stitch along the right side of the shirt, press again and it’s done.

There you go, a very tame t-shirt alteration. I hope to try some of the more involved projects on my Pinterest board soon. Good luck with your own alterations!



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  1. Annclare says:

    Hi, thanks for the tutorial, being Welsh I followed the dragon link and what a surprise! I expected you to be from Cardiff (Wales) not Colorado. Very cool Ddraig Goch ( Red Dragon ) t-shirt 🙂

  2. Alejandra says:

    The detail of the shirt (that for me looks like a swaeter)is really cool. I did not go to school today as well- I spant the day sleeping. About the archeological place it belongs to the Teotihuacan culture, older than the Mayans. Yes, Mexico has a lot of things to see. If you can pay a visit, do it.

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