In Progress: Kitchen Storage

Since Matt and I moved into our townhouse last August, we have been struggling to make the kitchen work. It’s small, it’s got exactly one, really useable conveniently placed cabinet, and it’s ugly. To stretch our poor cabinet space, I bought a server to sit in the kitchen and house appliances and little used dish-ware. Here it is right after I brought it home:

Even with the server, the storage in the kitchen still lacked. So we decided to put up some shelving. We used two 4 feet by 12 inch boards, stained them and hung them with utility brackets.

The storage jars are from IKEA, you can see my labeling project here. We also added hooks under the shelves for mug storage:

Here is the mugs on the upper shelf, which I added later:

For now seldom used glassware on the top shelf, dry goods in the middle with the glasses and baking goods in jars on top of the server. All the plates are in the server and the bowls are on top. I’d like to do some more rearranging to this system, but for now it works great. I love having dry goods out to see, so much easier to plan meals and snacks.

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