Playing With Books

I’ve been putting the finishing organizing touch’s to my project room. I want to eventually paint it and make curtains and so on but until then I have to settle for keeping it organized and neat.

Matt and I have had this little bookcase from Target for years:

Right now it’s holding my collection of novel’s and project reference books. The other day I was arranging said books and started to play with the options. Changing around your book collection or just organizing them in some fashion can make a cluttered or chaotic shelf look interesting and tidy. For example:

These are arranged by height, this isn’t my favorite look but it does give the shelf a sense of unity. Here is another option, color:

I love this one, it would look especially good with a more extensive collection, perhaps where a single color took up the whole shelf.

Here is my favorite way to organize books:

Most design or organization books/blogs/websites say that you should leave room on the shelf because it looks uncluttered and there is always room to add to the collection. I like to use stacked books as bookend so I can leave space on the shelf without an actual bookend. Plus I love the shape of this arrangement.

The possibilities of organization are endless and it always looks far more polished than having a shelf of random books. Here’s another combination:

There are other and far better ways to organize if the goal is functionality, like alphabetical for instance, but for a small to medium collection I like a more aesthetically pleasing arrangement.

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