1 Roll of Painter's Tape, 1 Giant Piece of Wood, and Some Paint =

A while back I bought this display stand at Savers:

I’m not sure what it was used for, it’s got narrow shelves with grooves for holding whatever it used to hold.

I wanted to use it as an easily changeable display of postcards and pictures and other small things, but on the wall it didn’t look right, far too big and commanding. So I broke off the back panel and ripped the narrow shelves apart (they were all held together with staples). I am going to hang the shelves up in my project room but I had a giant piece of very thin wood left over. We recently painted our kitchen orange and red and a large neutral piece of art was just the thing it needed. So I used painter’s tape to mark off areas of wood that had a nice grain pattern like so:

Then I used some leftover white latex paint we had and applied it with a roller:

And voila, a large piece of abstract art for my kitchen that cost no extra money since everything I used I already owned.

Obviously this could be done with just about any surface. For instance you could use three paint canvas and painters tape in the same pattern on each but with different colors to create a very interesting triptych to adorn your walls. Another option would be to use painting tape in an abstract pattern on the wall itself!

UPDATE 2/5/2012: This project was featured here, on Hugmyndir Fyrir Heimilid which I believe translates into Ideas for the Home. Thanks!

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