Miniature Book Wreath Tutorial

The idea of taking book pages and turning them into a wreath has turned up all over the web lately:


From left to right (click pictures to visit their origin site) 1. Vintage Ivory French Text Paper Wreath Sculpture from Etsy seller SimpleJoysPaperie 2. 3.

Some months ago back when I lived in Wisconsin I made a large page wreath that was modeled after the middle picture from Living With Lindsay. Unfortunately moving wasn’t kind to the wreath, it had so many delicate edges that it was too banged up to be saved in the end. A few days ago I needed something to fill a spot in a wall grouping I wanted done before I had my family over for Christmas dinner and figured that a little book wreath was just the thing. If you click on the Living With Lindsay picture you can go to her tutorial on how to make one. Below is the rather more low-tech version that I used, when completed my wreath was around 8 inches in diameter.


  • Book pages, obviously you can alter this to your liking by using sheet music, dictionary pages, medical text books, illustrations, etc.
  • Cardboard for the base, many other versions use a styrofoam wreath form, for a small wreath cardboard works fine but a large one will need added support.
  • Scissors, and a hot glue gun
  • Optional supply that I don’t use: Paint to color the edges of the pages (should be done before tearing the pages out)

For my wreath form I took a 6in x 6in sheet of thin cardboard, cut a circle out and then cut a circle inside to make a wreath shape. I didn’t measure or trace a form, since the cardboard will be all covered eventually it doesn’t need to look all that nice.

Next up I took my book pages which where about 5 1/2 by 9 1/2 and cut them into quarters (I prefer clean edges but an interesting effect could be achieved with the torn edges facing out). I rolled the quarters one at a time like so:

I continued to glue on rolled quarters to make up the first layer:

For the second layer I turned the wreath over and began gluing again, this time folding the ends under to conceal them.

For the next layers I cut the book pages into 8th so they fit better and continued to glue.

I ended with 4 layers of pages. I constructed a hanger out of a quartered piece of book folded over horizontally which you can see in the left hand picture below and hot glued it on (don’t forget to hold the wreath up to decided which side you want to be the top before gluing on the hanger):

There you have it, one miniature book wreath done and ready to hang.

It’s easy to see why these wreaths are so popular, in every variation they look stylish and are simple to construct… I watched Kill Bill for the 12th time while I made mine, plus there are so many options like size, page choice, edge color, torn or straight edges, and layout that the possible variations are just about infinite.

UPDATE April 6, 2012: My sister, probably in a fit of jealous over my beautiful wreath made her own lovely book wreaths, I love the second one, less of a wreath and more of an old book pom-pom.

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  1. Cassie says:

    I love this!! Thank you SO much. I’ve been trying to find a tutorial for one of these since I found them on pinterest. I’m going to go home and put in a new movie and make one. YAY!

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