Sewing Book Score and Another Vintage Singer

In another bout of my family being wonderfully supportive of my addiction to vintage items, and project supplies, my grandmother (who is an amazing seamstress) was cleaning out her sewing room and offered me my choice of her extensive reference book collection before she donated them to Goodwill.

When I got to her house there were piles 15 books deep, some new some old. Among the most interesting that I took: Several government sponsored pamphlets printed in the 50’s on clothes making, the book “Couture Sewing Techniques” which I have checked out of the library several times, a 70’s book of men’s fashions which features drawings of funkadelic men’s suits… I could go on and on. As soon as I got home I wished I had just taken all of them, or at least 10 more.

While we were going through the books, she casually mentioned that she had seen on my blog that I had a gotten a vintage Singer and would I like another one. I thought my head would explode, besides being a piece of my family’s history (I learned to sew on it, my mom and aunts sewed on it, my grandma, my great grandma and so on sewed on it) the table is gorgeous, it use to be a treadle so the legs are iron, and the machine is running and in pristine condition. She pulled it out to show me and it went like this:

Grandma: “I don’t know if you would like it, it’s awful heavy and the table isn’t in the best-

Me: “Yes… I want it”

Grandma: “See here the top’s faded, and this drawer here has been broken since I was a kid, but it run-

Me: “I want it… yes I will take it, I will bring Matt and a truck to pick it up… yes”

She wasn’t kidding though, this thing is crazy heavy, its got a solid wood body, iron legs and the machine itself is really just a chunk of steel. I checked the serial number and it was made in 1938. I have done a bit of sewing with it, mostly just test lines to make sure I know how to thread it and that the tension is adjusted right. Below are some shots of it in my project room the last one is the sweet metal attachment tin that came with it.



Thank you Grandma!!!

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