Stockpiling or Hoarding: A Guide to Craft Closets

My husband recently expressed a wish for a living room that doesn’t double as my project studio. Apparently it is hard to relax with all the surfaces (floor included) covered in drying painted objects, sketchbooks, thrift store merchandise and empty Dr. Pepper cans… silly boy. Subsequently I have spent the last few days attempting to organize all my project supplies into the extra room in our house. Going though it all has got me wondering: At what point does stocking supplies turn into hoarding?

For me there are three categories of items filling my project room:

Unfinished Projects like those above, a letterpress tray, empty frames, decorative plates etc. Things that I bought or had that need work or don’t yet have a place in the rest of the house.

General Supplies like spray adhesive, paint, glue, screwdrivers anything not project specific.

My third more vague category Saved Materials I Might Use For A Later Project (I couldn’t think of a more succinct way to say that) like packets of unused chopsticks, plastic pearls I took off a broken necklace, old sheet music just anything I have saved/bought that I might use for a future undetermined project.

Any of these could get out of hand, I think for now I have a good handle on it. To make sure a craft closet doesn’t turn into a junk closet: 1. Don’t buy/save too many “Saved Materials” hanging on to extra buttons is one thing, buying a bag of buttons you might be able to work into a project as some point in time is clutter. 2. Keep the amount of unfinished projects to a minimum (I’m terrible at this one). The more projects you take on the more objects are cluttering up your project space. 3. Lastly keep everything organized, having tons of fabric you can’t navigate is not only just clutter but increases the chances you will buy doubles of material you didn’t remember you had.

These are just my craft closet categories and rules, the main thing to keep in mind about creating your own project space is to make it function perfectly for you… and to keep it out of your spouses way.

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