Fireplace Insert Facelift (Almost) Done!

Here is the hideous before shot of our fireplace. It was filthy and dated looking. I hate the black and gold color combo on the insert.

To bring it into this decade we decided to paint it silver. We bought a couple of cans of Rustoleum’s Hammered Silver spray paint. The hardest part of this project was getting the insert off the fireplace and then cleaning it. While Matt took the insert outside to clean and prep it, I was busy patching the walls to prepare them for paint. Todd decided he would help out our living room project by climbing into the now exposed firebox and covering himself in soot. I stuck this mirror in front of the opening just to keep him out, but I like the look.

I think if you have a non-working fireplace in need of a makeover this would be a cool option. Here is Todd trying to get past the mirror or maybe checking to see how his soot dye job looks.

Before we could put the insert back I needed to clean up the bricks. I spent around 4 hours with an old toothbrush scrubbing the mortar, but the results were worth it. The light in these pictures makes it look like the mortar in the after photo is much darker but it’s just the lighting… I swear.

Back to the insert Matt tried to tape off the glass doors but the tape didn’t want to stick and he lost patience for it. After the paint dried he just scraped it off with a plastic razor blade. So here is the result.

The hammered metal paint gives it some nice texture and keeps it from looking too cheap. I really like the lack of black and gold. I don’t know what to do about the knobs though, hence the almost done. I don’t want them to be silver too, I want them to be eye-catching, but I’m not sure how to do that without just buying new ones.

The rest of the living room is chugging along here is a another preview shot.

I don’t know if those frames are staying on the mantel or if I will keep the blue and white damask fabric in them… and the curtain pole still needs to be cut down a few inches and stained. I have got to stop writing and get back to work looking at this picture is making me realize how much there is left to do!

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