Tiny Faux Terrarium

About a year ago a friend of Matt’s was moving out-of-state and had a pile of home decor items his family didn’t want anymore. Knowing I am always up for a new project he grabbed a bunch of the stuff for me to mess with including some white mini shelves, several sets of sconces, and an assortment of picture frames including this one:

It’s just a little shadow box, around 6 by 6 inches, but it is very generic looking. I always planned on changing out the faded flower but didn’t know what to replace it with. Then when I was going through some keepsakes I found this little cutie.

I have had this little camel figurine for many years and I thought he could look cool sitting inside the shadow box. I also had on hand decorative pebbles and several small fake plants. I thought I would make a little camel habitat. However once I took apart the frame l really liked the look of the shadow box part without the frame. I decided to ditch the frame and glue the glass on instead. Without a way to reopen the box I would either have to glue the camel down or risk him falling over. So I left him out, I’ll have to find him a different home, but he had given me the idea for a faux terrarium which I decided to go ahead with.

Here is the box with the frame removed:

And here are my rocks and plants. The plants are actually for an aquarium, Matt and I are in the process of setting up a live plant tank and so no longer need these fake ones.

I used hot glue to attach the plants to the back of the box, and added the rocks. To see how high I wanted the rocks I held the glass over the frame like in the picture below.

I used some more hot glue to attach the glass to the frame, and I had one very small faux terrarium done!

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