Broken Platter Project

Matt and I received tons of awesome stuff when we got married two years ago. Unfortunately moving tends to be hard on delicate things and we have moved four times since receiving this gorgeous Crate&Barrel platter. When I picked up its box I heard a rattling sound and knew something had gotten smashed.

I couldn’t bear to just throw it away, it’s so pretty. I figured with a little help it could be a display plate. By using a bit of superglue it was easy enough to re-attach the missing side piece. You could still see the crack line and the chip off the top was not replaceable.

I had some bright shocking blue enamel leftover from another project and decided to try it out on the plate. I think it turned out good, it hides the crack and the color looks great with the living room wall. The enamel is meant to dry for 21 days or be baked in the oven. I didn’t know what effect baking would have on the superglue though so I just let it air dry.

This is the way the platter has looked for a couple of weeks now. I could not figure out what to do about the chip. I thought about covering it with a flower or a bow, but both looked quite underwhelming on the plate. I ended up with this idea:

One large bulldog clip solves the chip problem and is a good way to hang the platter on the wall. I used hot glue on the inside of the clip and more all over the back to ensure a good hold.

Together the clip and the plate have an interesting contrast. It definitely has a schoolroom vibe thanks to the bright primary blue and the homework project feeling the clip gives off.

I think it’s going to look great in my living room, and I’m glad I don’t have to toss it. Ideally it would still be milk-white, covered in doughnuts and sitting on the kitchen counter, but this is a good second choice. I just hope next time we move the matching large platter and dessert plates don’t have to join it on the wall.

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