Vintage Piggy Bank

An adorable vintage metal piggy bank. It’s pretty small only about 5″ by 3″ or so. He has a little screw on the bottom you undo to open him. I literally couldn’t pass him, he was a bit expensive (for a thrift store) $2.49, but I love the hipster vibe he’s got going on. Vintage eclectic is super trendy now. If you walked into an Urban Outfitters tonight I know you could find at least two examples of a funky retro piggy bank. Although if you really do want funky fresh coin storage hit up a thrift store where it won’t cost you 30 bucks.

This piggy got me wondering why on earth we put money into pig shaped jars. So I googled it and the origin of the pig shaped piggy bank is for the most part unknown. However in the middle ages poor families used clay pots to store goods, and the cheapest and most abundant material was “pygg” clay. When a family wanted to save up they would put their coins into a pygg clay jar or pygg bank. Allegedly pig shaped piggy banks were invented a century or so later by mistake when a craftsman was asked to make a pygg bank and instead created a pig shaped bank. Source.

To me it seems just as likely that the pig which has been associated with the wealthy, overfed aristocracy for centuries came to be a symbol for money and therefore a good shape for a bank in which to amass wealth… but I have no proof of that.

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