Vintage Fabric Score & Letterpress Again

Another trip to the thrift store and more sweet vintage finds:

About 15 yards of beautiful vintage medium weight home decor type fabric, great find but I did have to fight for it. I was standing looking at the row of fabric with this elderly woman next to me. I grab a corner to feel the weight and texture, she grabs a corner. I look at the price she looks at the price. I take it off the hanger and she grunts at me and walks away. I win! Anyway it’s gorgeous fabric with a tan grass pattern and golden-yellow leaves on a navy field. I however won’t be needing any home decor fabric for a while… no sense in making curtains or shades for a rental.

So I am selling it in one yard increments on here’s the link.

I also found this:

I know pretty freakin’ sweet huh? Only $3.99, it’s not perfect but it’s large and it’s got its original drawer pull. I think it must have been donated from the same person that donated the last one I found at this thrift store, just seems like too big of a coincidence.

I have already started working on making it the ultimate jewelry storage center. Like these:


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