Soda Can Topped Box

One day after polishing off a delicious can of Dr. Pepper I got to thinking about the shiny metal it’s made of. So like anyone with time on their hands would do I cut one open. It resulted in the lovely box you see before you.

The easiest way I found to cut a soda can open is to:

1. drink it, rinse it out

2. slice into the top where the cylindrical body joins with the curved top with an expo knife

3. insert scissors into the hole and cut the top off

4. cut down the side in a straight line to the bottom curved section

5. cut off the bottom

6. flatten out the metal rectangle

For the top of the box I decided to use small squares that I could arrange. The metal varies in color slightly with each can so I cut up several to make a pleasing collage. To stick them to the box top I use satin pins (used for sewing). I started in the middle of the box and using pliers and a small hammer stuck the metal square to the box with a pin at each corner. To finish the edges I cut strips of thick cardboard, painted black and pinned them to the box as well.

To hide the pins on the inside of the box top I bent each pin flat and glued a piece of cardboard over it. Lastly I covered the inside with a cool patterned piece of scrapbook paper.

I love the texture the metal top gives to this otherwise plain box. Right now we use it as a catch all for cards, keys and change. To make it more functional one day I will add some dividers, and change out the lining (I don’t like the paper pattern, but I had it on hand and I really wanted to finish the project that day :))

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