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Teaser Video! Sacred Geometry Coloring Book


I have been working non-stop on my latest line, Sacred Geometry! The tentative release date for the art prints, stickers and temporary tats is January 1st, with the coloring book hopefully a week or two after. I wanted to finish all the designs in time for the Christmas season, but time has gotten the better of me. Below are some teaser shots of the products, and a quick little video of me adding color to the Arrow Hourglass design. Enjoy!




Mixed Media Monday: Ancestor

Mixed Media Card 1

This video was really simple to film, I had a nice time doing it. The editing however was a particular kind of tech hell, as my video files wouldn’t write to the hard drive, a couple of clips were corrupted but only if you looked at them on a windows machine… etc. Just one thing after another, especially weird considering I haven’t switched phones, or cables or machines or software or… anything. Either way I finally got it altogether and uploaded so I hope you enjoy it!

I used a brown craft paper card, vintage dictionary paper, gesso, Inktense blocks, paint pens, and liner pens to create this woman. I’ve started calling her Ancestor because she looks out through the crumbling, obstructed old paper full of half forgotten words. The music is by Chris Zabriskie, check out more of his amazing work on Free Music Archive.

Happy (end of) Monday!

Mixed Media Card

Mixed Media Monday: Girl Adrift

Girl Adrift Mixed Media Page

I went off journal this week and worked on a piece of watercolor paper. I actually started and stopped 2 other pages when a few minutes in I hated the direction I had gone in. I used scraps of dictionary pages, matte decoupage medium, gesso, Inktense blocks, watercolors, scrap cardboard and oil based paint markers to create this page. The video is below, have a great Monday!

Girl Adrift Mixed Media Page 1

Mixed Media Monday: Pretty Poppy Page

Pretty Poppy Page

After a long week and even longer weekend I didn’t feel up to doing a particularly intricate entry for my mixed media journal. I started with collage-ing together strips of vintage dictionary paper, and moved to painting a simple poppy scene with whimsical swirls. I used matte decoupage medium, gouache, and a black oil based paint marker. I love how it turned out and it was very calming to create. Watch the video below and have a great Monday!

Pretty Poppy Page 1

Mixed Media Monday: We Live Now

Mixed Media We Live Now 1

It’s once again Monday, which means it’s time for a mixed media video. Last night I created this set of pages with Inktense Blocks, oil pastels, paint markers and pens.

Mixed Media We Live Now

I didn’t know what I was going to make when I started and just doodled until I was happy with it. Enjoy the video below, and have a great Monday!

Homemade Henna Part 2: Application

Homemade HennaIf you haven’t read part 1, do it now! I shared the recipe I use to make henna paste.

So now that you have a bowl full of sticky, potent, henna dye it’s time to apply it to your skin! There are two methods of application, cone or bottles. When I first started doing henna, many years ago my parents bought me a kit that included plastic bottles and metal tips. Since I have kept and cleaned the bottles I never explored using the cones. I’ve read that the bottles are a bit more manageable for beginners, and you can achieve many line thicknesses with different tips. Henna Caravan has a variety of application options for decent prices. Amazon does as well: cones, bottles.

During the process of handling the paste remember that it is DYE and will DYE whatever it comes into contact with! It’s a good idea to wear gloves while you prepare the applicator and keep paper towels handy.

To prepare for application, take your henna paste and begin to thin it out with lemon juice. You want the paste to flow smoothly though your applicator. In the video below you can see that my applicator keeps getting clogged. You want the paste to be thin enough to be pour-able, but not so thin that it’s no longer sticky. Once the paste is a nice consistency spoon it into the bottle, and snap on the tip. Practice a bit on paper to see that the paste flows well, if it’s too thick add some lemon juice. If it’s too runny, add more of the undiluted henna paste.

When you’re ready to apply henna to the skin, make sure the skin is clean and dry. Different areas of skin will take the dye differently, since it works by dyeing the layers of the epidermis the thicker the skin the darker the stain. Palms of the hands, soles of the feet etc dye darkly, thighs, forearms etc dye more lightly.

Watch me draw out a wrist design below:

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Homemade Henna Part 1: Recipe

Homemade Henna

Henna or mehndi is the practice of using paste made with the powder of the henna (Lawsonia inermis) plant along with other additives to dye the skin or hair. It’s been practiced for 1000’s of years in the Middle East, India, Pakistan, and Africa. For a more in-depth history check out this article from Silk & Stone.

I started playing with henna when I was in middle school. I don’t have any tattoos and have never really wanted one, but every so often for years now I draw semi-permanent designs with henna on my arms and legs. I recently made a new batch of the sticky green henna paste and wanted to share the process on Zounds! In this mini-series I’ll go over the basic recipe, how to apply the henna paste to skin and then lastly design ideas! Today let’s tackle how to make your own homemade henna paste.
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Mixed Media Monday: Shaving Cream Paper Marbling

Shaving Cream Marbling

I created this week’s page and video some time ago, but it need quite a bit of editing and it fell to the bottom of the to-do pile. Shaving cream marbling is an incredibly easy technique. All you need is the cheapest shaving cream (not gel!), acrylic paint, and tools to spread and manipulate the paint. You can watch the technique in the video below, really it boils down to spread your shaving cream, pour paint on top, use some type of tool to pull the paint/cream into an interesting pattern and press paper down on top to pull the paint up.

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Mixed Media Monday: Rorschach Inkblot Mini Art Journal Part 1

Rorschach Inkblot Mini Art Journal

Between social and family obligations this weekend I only remembered I needed a video for today when I woke up this morning. I wanted to do something a little different with this weeks pages, so I made a mini journal. I’m sure you’ve seen the Rorschach inkblot tests and possibly made your own at some point in middle school art class. I created 6 inkblot pages on old dictionary paper, then doodled around them with different pens, glued each page to another and cut them into half sheets. Lastly I sewed all the half sheets together to make a mini art book with 12 double sided pages.

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Mixed Media Monday: Birthday Butterflies

Birthday Butterflies Art Journal Page

Since my 25th birthday was last Wednesday my pages this week include a variety of things I got. The paper thin wood veneer I bought with a gift card has been really fun to experiment on. In the video I use a mixture I made a loooong time ago for darkening wood. It’s just a can of steel wool and vinegar, the rusty liquid can make a cool effect on most woods. It’s also good for taking the shine down on metal hardware like I did in this project. I want to try so many more techniques on sheets of veneer, I just love wood grain!

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Mixed Media Monday: Chalkboard Look Poem Pages

I’ve been working on some chalkboard style canvases for my cousins wedding:Love is Patient Wedding Canvas

Which is what inspired me to do a chalkboard style entry in my art journal this week.

Mixed Media Chalkboard Poem Pages

The poem I used is called Harlem by Langston Hughes. For this page I used black acrylic paint, opaque white paint markers, and a little bit of watercolors. The fine point paint marker is a Pen-Touch which is very fickle and hard to get working consistently, although I love the quality when it’s working. The thicker paint pen is a Sharpie oil based paint pen I got at Home Depot.

If you enjoy the video be sure to like it, and have a good Monday!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mZUI4Yxn5CY?rel=0&w=853&h=480]

Mixed Media Journal: Rainbow Page

Today I have another short video of me creating a new art journal spread. The masking fluid really adhered to the old book pages and didn’t come off very clean, but I still liked the effect.

For this page I used: Masking fluid, Derwent’s inktense pencils, and a silver leafing pen. Let me know what you think!

Mixed Media Journal: The Beginning

As I mentioned in my last post, I started a mixed media journal last month. I thought short videos would be a cool way to watch the pages come together. Here is the first layout I made, hope you enjoy it!

The supplies I used for these pages were, acrylic paint, Derwent’s inktense pencils, a gelatin print of my hand, masking tape, washi tape, and Decou-Page decoupage medium. If you enjoy this series be sure to like this post!