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Solvent Image Transfers

Not exactly ground breaking stuff, using a solvent of some type to transfer an image to another surface has been a popular DIY topic for years. I wanted to try it out on fabric, for both a new throw pillow cover and future mixed media projects. There is a huge number of other blogs who have done the same thing with a different solvent product. I have seen people recommend Citra Solv, paint thinner, lacquer thinner, acetone etc. I happened to have a bottle of full strength acetone already sitting in my cabinet, and a few copies of the images I wanted to transfer.

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How to Create Earring Hooks

I’ve found some cool jewelry at thrift stores in the last few weeks. This bangle was $4 and I love the distressed look of it:

Thrift Store Cuff

I also bought these chandelier/fish lure looking earrings, they make the prettiest chiming sound when they move:

Brass Dangle Earrings

Lastly the real subject of this post, I bought these vintage stone clip on earrings:

Clip on Earrings Redo

I have no idea how anyone could wear clip on earring for any amount of time, they hurt! Plenty of jewelry stores and craft stores sell earring hooks pre made and ready to use. However, if you already have the supplies it takes no time to make replacement wires.

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Inktense Watercolor Look Throw Pillow: Part 1

Continuing on my journey to fill this sofa with lots of colorful throw pillows, I’ve been loving the watercolor trend:
Abstract Watercolor Pillow CoverHand painted abstract watercolor pillow coverWatercolor Art, Art Pillow, Watercolor Pillow, Throw Pillow, Home Decor, Accent Pillow, with Optional Faux Down Insert

The ones above are all from Etsy and still available to purchase. From left to right, Foreverwars‘ digital print pillow 16×16 for $40, Kolorena’s $40 hand painted 20×20 version, and  CASACreated’s $30 16×16 printed pillow cover only.

You also might have seen a number of peoples DIY attempts at this trend with Sharpies and alcohol  most notably on Brit+Co, check it out here. I’ve set myself the goal of using only supplies I already owned to make the pillow covers sooooo Sharpies were out. I didn’t have the right colors, and Sharpies are pretty pricey. I considered just using watercolors but they don’t achieve a really bright saturated hue once dry. Derwent’s Inktense colors are very saturated and I received a new tin of the blocks for Christmas, so I decided to try them:

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Sewing a Simple Envelope Pillow Cover Tutorial

As promised, here is my pillow cover tutorial. I made my first cover late at night and the pictures kinda suck so I made this pretty infograph to illustrate the process a bit clearer:

How to Sew a Pillow Cover

My pillow inserts were loosely measured at 17 x 14:

Sew a Pillow Cover

I cut the new fabric out of green velvet, that I either got from my grandma or possibly it was a remnant from Joanns.

Sew a Pillow Cover

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Re-Painting and Re-stretching an Acrylic Canvas

The Great Wave Acrylic Painting

You may have seen the painting in question here. It was a thrift store find, and a bit banged up. Besides being dirty, and loose on the frame, it was also vaguely unfinished. We had it propped on the back of our sofa, and it just couldn’t continue to live with all the pencil marks still showing. I broke out my drawer of acrylics and got to work:

The Great Wave Acrylic Painting

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Copper and Rope Hanging Planter Tutorial

I had these lovely Epipremnum aureums (Golden Pothos) in hanging pots but nowhere nice to hang them. The hook in the ceiling is too dated for my taste.

PothosSo I came up a copper and rope hanger for them! To make your own you will need:

Supplies for Copper Rope Planter Hanger

Rope, copper pipe, copper end caps, copper brackets, thin hemp rope to bind the ends of the large rope (that’s whats pictured but I ended up using heavy duty black thread for color contrast), screws and anchors for the ceiling, hooks to hang the pots from (or you could slide the hanging pot right onto the pipe), and the planted hanging pots you want to hang. Everything I used is from Home Depot, except the hooks and pots which are from IKEA.

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Postcard Journal Tutorial

Clear Cover Postcard Journal Tutorial

Check out pictures of my completed notebook here.

Supplies: postcard, coordinating paper, filler paper*, clear contact paper, corner rounder, date stamp & ink, white glue, spray adhesive, sewing machine & coordinating thread, close-pins or binder clips, utility knife or scissors

*for my small postcard, 8 sheets of regular printer paper cut twice gave me 16 double wide pages and once fold 32 pages, the extra page is used for attaching the filler paper to the cover

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