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Thrifted Treasures

I haven’t had too much time to browse second-hand stores lately so this round-up actually covers about 4 months. I picked up these two first items at Pennywise, a thrift shop in Westminster a couple of minutes away from where I used to live. I actually bought these on two separate occasions. The first a porcelain butterfly:

It is marked with a made in Japan sticker and the base has a metal clip so you can display it. It looks so whimsical perched on my lampshade:

Porcelain Butterfly Clip-On 3

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Thrift Store Round Up

I haven’t bought much at thrift stores lately. Working full-time has left me with minimal time to browse and space constraints means that even if I find something cool I don’t have anywhere to put it anyway! However, in the last 4 months or so I have still managed to find some things:

Overgrown Quarry by William Thon (1906-2000) an abstract lithograph, check out his biography from The Caldwell Gallery.

Lithograph Thon

I would love to re-frame it eventually, I don’t think the brown mat is doing much for it. It’s hanging across from my headboard, so I see it very often. The abstract-ness of the cracked leaf-vein like patterns have worn off and now I see very defined trees and the walls of the quarry, and the cuts into the rock.

Lithograph Thon 1


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New Thrift Store & Apollo Butterflies

Matt and I visited a thrift store I’ve never been to the other day (I know shocking!). If you’re in the Denver area, check out Demi’s Treasures & Thrift Store. We actually came to pick up this cabinet:

Mid-Century Stand Alone Cabinet


Matt had been in and seen it a few days before and thought I would probably want it. He was right! It’s a really interesting kinda stand alone cabinet with great mid-century legs.

I also found an unabridged 1950’s-ish dictionary. Which if you have seen any of my mixed media pages or the prints for sale in the store you know I use constantly.

Dictionary 6

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What does the Ladies’ Home Journal 1938 and Cookies Have in Common?

Ladies Home Journal 1938

I found this 1938 copy of the Ladies’ Home Journal at a thrift store about a year ago.

Ladies Home Journal 1938

77 year doesn’t seem all that far away but looking through this magazine it feels like an alien civilization. It’s especially evident in the ads, look at this super sexist ad for canned fruit:

Ladies Home Journal 1938Or this cigarette ad advising you to smoke at least 6 packs of Camels to see the difference it makes in your nerves:

Ladies Home Journal 1938

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Mini Curtain Project, Some Thrift Store Finds and Pretty Plants

I’ve needed curtains in my studio/office since we’ve moved in. Well we’ve needed curtains in lots of rooms since we moved in but haven’t quite got there. For the office I wanted a very simple, small cafe curtain on a tension rod inside the frame. There is very little space left in that room and large curtains would be in my way.

So when Matt and I went to IKEA last weekend I grabbed a pair of Matilda curtains. IKEA Matilda Cafe Curtains

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How to Create Earring Hooks

I’ve found some cool jewelry at thrift stores in the last few weeks. This bangle was $4 and I love the distressed look of it:

Thrift Store Cuff

I also bought these chandelier/fish lure looking earrings, they make the prettiest chiming sound when they move:

Brass Dangle Earrings

Lastly the real subject of this post, I bought these vintage stone clip on earrings:

Clip on Earrings Redo

I have no idea how anyone could wear clip on earring for any amount of time, they hurt! Plenty of jewelry stores and craft stores sell earring hooks pre made and ready to use. However, if you already have the supplies it takes no time to make replacement wires.

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Recognizing and Cleaning Marble

In my last post I showed you my new little thrifted marble topped plant stand:

Vintage Marble Plant Stand

The wood legs and base are in decent shape, but the wood top in between the marble and legs has significant water damage. Cleaning Marble

The marble top was badly scratched, had several deep water mark and was generally yellowed. Since I don’t know yet what I will be doing to the wood base, I thought I would at least tackle getting the marble clean.

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Projects in Progress

Have you noticed that the amount of project posts have been right around 0 lately? Well that isn’t for lack of working on some, it’s more a lack of finishing any. So I thought I would do a little roundup of all the projects I’ve been working on around the house which will eventually turn into awesome posts.

You might have seen the hideous faux brick back wall of my kitchen in this post, which I have been laboring over. Here it is with the removal started.

Faux Brick Removal

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First Thrift Finds of 2015!

I got this rustic rag-rug looking fabric. Ande Fabric I love the southwest America/Andes mountains earthy colors, and this has that feel with a very simplistic pattern. Ande Fabric I also got this oil painting: Thrifted Oil Painting Buildings I love the texture of the oil painting, and I love the rustic frame but not together.Thrifted Oil Painting Buildings Read more

Washing Down Pillow Inserts

As I mentioned in my last post, I am working on filling my sofa with throw pillows. The inspiration is this picture off a paint sample brochure:

Couch Inspiration

I love just about everything in these photos. I have a couple ugly pillows I want to cover but I will need some new ones too. I’ve been looking around online and there are hundreds and hundreds of throw pillow ideas floating around. So I created this board on Pinterest, which is all the tutorials for interesting pillow covers I could find/liked. I’m still adding to it so go check it out! I’m going to be doing a series on making different pillow covers. I also want to set myself the challenge to make all of the covers with supplies I already have.

First things first though: the inserts. I prefer down inserts, which can be expensive from craft stores, but very cheap from thrift stores. They are generally disguised in terrible pillow covers like these were:

Down Pillow Inserts

They were $2 a piece, and inside these hideous covers:

Ugly Pillow Covers

It’s easy to clean down pillows. First check to make sure the cover has no rips or tears, and is strong enough to take the machine. If the feathers can get out they will get everywhere and the insert will be ruined. If you aren’t sure wash the insert inside a larger zippered pillowcase to contain any feather explosions. Use a gentle cycle and mild detergent. To dry the inserts can take a couple of hours. They can be laid outside in the sun or put in the dryer. Adding some clean tennis balls to the dryer will help keep the pillows fluffy.

Get your inserts ready because the next post will be how to sew a simple cover! If you don’t do thrift stores or are impatient, check Target or Home Goods clearance section for cheap pillows with nice inserts.

Refresh Old Art Prints in New Frames

Everyone have a good Thanksgiving/Black Friday? It’s hard to say which of those are more American. I had a great both, the only stores I went to however were… you guessed it thrift! I got this sweet wicker/bamboo/wood chest:

Mini Wicker Chest

I got it for storage, since we still have zero in the still being renovated bathroom. However it looks awful in there sooooo, stay tuned for that. I think i’m going to bust the bottom trim off it. I hate feminine scroll trim.

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Home Decor Trend: Birdcages

I’ve been seeing tons of birdcages all over the home decor world. Hobby Lobby has a whole aisle of non-functional shabby chic ones, Restoration Hardware has chandelier encased in birdcage lights ($2,600-$3,600):

From around the blog-sphere from left to right a DIY hanging plant holder birdcage from Curate and Display, a sweet little candle and birdcage combo from Crafts by Amanda, and a Restoration Hardware DIY look alike light fixture from All Things Thrifty.

 Glitter Candles in a Bird Cage @amandaformaro Crafts by Amanda mantle, sign, chandelier 078

I found this birdcage at my favorite ARC:Thrift Store BirdcageI think it might actually be a real birdcage, you know for birds. It has a working door, a perch and hinged bottom. I haven’t really got a place or project in mind yet, I love the look of the plant holder Curate and Display made, the color is lovely! Maybe a desktop lamp with an Edison bulb inside… I’ll have to wait for a greater surge of inspiration. What do you think? Do you love the birdcage look, think they’re fussy, or think they need a bird inside to be worth having in a home?

A New Sofa and a Fortuitous Wall Art Find

A while back I saw a crazy barrel shaped couch and love seat set on Craigslist. After taking a while to decide finally, that the reaction I had to them was love and not hate, we bought them. However they really weren’t cutting it in the new sitting room:

Old Sofa Set fix

Way too big and bulky, although a unique set and quite comfy for watching TV. Soooo we bought a much more proportional sofa a few days ago. Again I was browsing Craigslist, and this little mid century gem had just about everything on my wishlist, wood frame, light colored upholstery, and minimalist lines.

New Couch fix

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Brass Light Fixture Terrarium

Not so long ago I bought a Selaginella Emmeliana, even though I knew they were hard to care for. Here is a picture of one, looking deceptively low maintenance.

He lived in my bathroom where he would get plenty of humidity, and for a few weeks he looked fantastic. Then all the edges of those lush fronds began to turn brown and my research lead me to believe that he required even more humidity than I was providing. Which began my search for terrariums. Terrariums have been super popular in home decor lately. I love these geometric ones from Restoration Hardware:

Faceted Glass Terrarium

After some searching I found this post from Sugar Sugar House in which they created a terrarium out of an old brass light fixture. I went to a few local thrift stores and was lucky enough to find this one the same day:

Brass 1 fixed

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Cheap ~ Easy ~ Comfy Tent Dress!

I buy a lot of skirts at thrift stores. They’re one of the few articles of clothing most second-hand stores have a great selection of. I suppose it’s because a nice skirt is something a woman would buy, wear a few times and then never wear it again. On another note, it’s sometimes hard to guess why items end up at thrift stores, in this skirt’s case though I don’t have to guess… I know. This skirt bleeds dye, lots of dye, and did the first time I washed it and does it still many washes later. If it wasn’t a favorite dress of mine, I wouldn’t bother to hand-wash it separately every time.

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