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Mayonnaise Split-End Repair Hair Treatment

This recipe gave me some trouble the first time around. Although I have heard of people using mayo to help split-ends for years, I had not tried it until I read about it in Mother Nature’s Beauty Cupboard. The book warns that using too much will result in your hair becoming “quite oily, needing several shampoos and rinses.” to get back to normal. So I followed the book’s recommendation, and used a mere teaspoon. Here is the proof:

Unfortunately, this was still a bit too much for my slightly longer than shoulder length hair. I should have been warier, since the book says fine hair is more susceptible to becoming greasy. My hair is extremely fine, which might be where I had the trouble. The next time I tried it I used 1/2 a teaspoon which worked well. If you want to try it, it’s super easy and I noticed a definite drop in the amount of frizzy, split-ends that I had. On freshly shampooed hair, work the mayo through the length of the hair, with special attention to the ends, and minimal attention to the scalp. Leave the mayonnaise on for 1 hour, and rinse out. If you try it out, let everyone know how it went by leaving a comment.

Egg White Face Mask

As I talked about extensively in this post, I am trying out simple natural recipes in search of alternatives for my traditional toiletries. This time I tried an egg white mask. I got the recipe from this book by Nerys Purchon: Health and Beauty the Natural Way: Simple, Safe Recipes to Nurture and Beautify.

Take 1 egg white whipped lightly and spread over a clean dry face. If you have oily skin a bit of lemon juice can be added to the egg white. If you have dry or sensitive skin moisturize skin first or spread a thin layer of honey on your face before the egg white. Leave on for 20 minutes. Rinse and pat dry.

I only used the egg white. Although you are suppose to let this mask dry for 20 mins I only got 7 mins in before I had to take it off. When they say it tightens they mean it, the egg white dried stiff and tight to my face. I tried to open my mouth, and it took my skin awhile to stretch. I think next time I might use the honey first.

Anyway I was impressed with how small my pores appeared after the mask, but the effects were gone by next morning. My skin was also very shiny afterward, again gone by the morning. Overall I would rather use this simple, cheap recipe than use the tightening masks I have bought from the store, but I wasn’t particularly wowed with the results.

If anyone tries it out, leave me a comment on how it goes!

Simple Homemade Beauty

Inspired by this book, Health and Beauty the Natural Way: Simple, Safe Recipes to Nurture and BeautifyI have tried out some natural alternatives to conventional toiletries. I picked my copy up at the library, but on Amazon a used copy will run you about 50 cents. My desire to switch comes solely because of the chemicals in traditional makeup, but natural beauty recipes are also better for the environment and generally incredibly less expensive.

Besides make-up I use around 10 different beauty products often and many more occasionally. All are store-bought and all have a myriad of chemicals, most of which have been proven to be harmful. For example I use a clarifying shampoo every 2 weeks or so and my favorite is Tresemme Deep Cleansing. Here is its ingredient list:

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Postcard Journal: June

Here is another of my postcard journals, check out the original post here.

This one is very simple compared to May’s. I took a vintage postcard with no writing on it and affixed it with spray adhesive ( amazing stuff) onto a piece of thin cardboard folded in half. I inserted folded filler pages and sewed a line up the middle. For sewing paper remember to use a heavy-duty/jean/upholstery needle, heavy-duty thread and test out the tension on scrap paper first. I also stamped the pages with a date stamp and black ink. Not much else to say, like I said a very simple little notebook.

Postcard Journal Tutorial

Clear Cover Postcard Journal Tutorial

Check out pictures of my completed notebook here.

Supplies: postcard, coordinating paper, filler paper*, clear contact paper, corner rounder, date stamp & ink, white glue, spray adhesive, sewing machine & coordinating thread, close-pins or binder clips, utility knife or scissors

*for my small postcard, 8 sheets of regular printer paper cut twice gave me 16 double wide pages and once fold 32 pages, the extra page is used for attaching the filler paper to the cover

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