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Mixed Media Monday: Ancestor

Mixed Media Card 1

This video was really simple to film, I had a nice time doing it. The editing however was a particular kind of tech hell, as my video files wouldn’t write to the hard drive, a couple of clips were corrupted but only if you looked at them on a windows machine… etc. Just one thing after another, especially weird considering I haven’t switched phones, or cables or machines or software or… anything. Either way I finally got it altogether and uploaded so I hope you enjoy it!

I used a brown craft paper card, vintage dictionary paper, gesso, Inktense blocks, paint pens, and liner pens to create this woman. I’ve started calling her Ancestor because she looks out through the crumbling, obstructed old paper full of half forgotten words. The music is by Chris Zabriskie, check out more of his amazing work on Free Music Archive.

Happy (end of) Monday!

Mixed Media Card

Re-Painting and Re-stretching an Acrylic Canvas

The Great Wave Acrylic Painting

You may have seen the painting in question here. It was a thrift store find, and a bit banged up. Besides being dirty, and loose on the frame, it was also vaguely unfinished. We had it propped on the back of our sofa, and it just couldn’t continue to live with all the pencil marks still showing. I broke out my drawer of acrylics and got to work:

The Great Wave Acrylic Painting

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A New Sofa and a Fortuitous Wall Art Find

A while back I saw a crazy barrel shaped couch and love seat set on Craigslist. After taking a while to decide finally, that the reaction I had to them was love and not hate, we bought them. However they really weren’t cutting it in the new sitting room:

Old Sofa Set fix

Way too big and bulky, although a unique set and quite comfy for watching TV. Soooo we bought a much more proportional sofa a few days ago. Again I was browsing Craigslist, and this little mid century gem had just about everything on my wishlist, wood frame, light colored upholstery, and minimalist lines.

New Couch fix

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Tiny Bedroom – 1 Wall = Sitting Room

The day Matt and I moved into our house we decided the wall separating the front room and the small third bedroom needed to go. A couple months ago we got around to doing it. I drew you this sweet picture of the doomed wall in question:


Here is Matt cutting out the first pieces:

Wall Before fix

Wall Cut Through fixAt first we only cut an opening, instead of removing the whole thing. It made you feel like something was blocking your vision of both areas, so we took it out the rest.

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