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Denver Art Museum

This weekend my family and I spent a few hours at the Denver Art Museum. I love visiting old favorites, and getting so much new inspiration.

I really liked the color palette in this exhibit of 1900’s Southwest Survey photos. The light blue walls, dark frames and sepia colored photos was gorgeous.


The amazing stillness in the older wings of the museum is so tranquil and calming. I love just sitting with the old pieces. Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!


Mixed Media Monday: Chalkboard Look Poem Pages

I’ve been working on some chalkboard style canvases for my cousins wedding:Love is Patient Wedding Canvas

Which is what inspired me to do a chalkboard style entry in my art journal this week.

Mixed Media Chalkboard Poem Pages

The poem I used is called Harlem by Langston Hughes. For this page I used black acrylic paint, opaque white paint markers, and a little bit of watercolors. The fine point paint marker is a Pen-Touch which is very fickle and hard to get working consistently, although I love the quality when it’s working. The thicker paint pen is a Sharpie oil based paint pen I got at Home Depot.

If you enjoy the video be sure to like it, and have a good Monday!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mZUI4Yxn5CY?rel=0&w=853&h=480]

Washing Down Pillow Inserts

As I mentioned in my last post, I am working on filling my sofa with throw pillows. The inspiration is this picture off a paint sample brochure:

Couch Inspiration

I love just about everything in these photos. I have a couple ugly pillows I want to cover but I will need some new ones too. I’ve been looking around online and there are hundreds and hundreds of throw pillow ideas floating around. So I created this board on Pinterest, which is all the tutorials for interesting pillow covers I could find/liked. I’m still adding to it so go check it out! I’m going to be doing a series on making different pillow covers. I also want to set myself the challenge to make all of the covers with supplies I already have.

First things first though: the inserts. I prefer down inserts, which can be expensive from craft stores, but very cheap from thrift stores. They are generally disguised in terrible pillow covers like these were:

Down Pillow Inserts

They were $2 a piece, and inside these hideous covers:

Ugly Pillow Covers

It’s easy to clean down pillows. First check to make sure the cover has no rips or tears, and is strong enough to take the machine. If the feathers can get out they will get everywhere and the insert will be ruined. If you aren’t sure wash the insert inside a larger zippered pillowcase to contain any feather explosions. Use a gentle cycle and mild detergent. To dry the inserts can take a couple of hours. They can be laid outside in the sun or put in the dryer. Adding some clean tennis balls to the dryer will help keep the pillows fluffy.

Get your inserts ready because the next post will be how to sew a simple cover! If you don’t do thrift stores or are impatient, check Target or Home Goods clearance section for cheap pillows with nice inserts.

Home Decor Trend: Birdcages

I’ve been seeing tons of birdcages all over the home decor world. Hobby Lobby has a whole aisle of non-functional shabby chic ones, Restoration Hardware has chandelier encased in birdcage lights ($2,600-$3,600):

From around the blog-sphere from left to right a DIY hanging plant holder birdcage from Curate and Display, a sweet little candle and birdcage combo from Crafts by Amanda, and a Restoration Hardware DIY look alike light fixture from All Things Thrifty.

 Glitter Candles in a Bird Cage @amandaformaro Crafts by Amanda mantle, sign, chandelier 078

I found this birdcage at my favorite ARC:Thrift Store BirdcageI think it might actually be a real birdcage, you know for birds. It has a working door, a perch and hinged bottom. I haven’t really got a place or project in mind yet, I love the look of the plant holder Curate and Display made, the color is lovely! Maybe a desktop lamp with an Edison bulb inside… I’ll have to wait for a greater surge of inspiration. What do you think? Do you love the birdcage look, think they’re fussy, or think they need a bird inside to be worth having in a home?

Dave Dube's Old Paper Art

While trying to find good examples of amber canning jars for this post, I stumbled across this:

Which is a piece of art created by Dave Dube, on old Ball company letterhead. His blog is a treasure trove of inspiring creations like this one, all done on pieces of old paper ephemera.

In the middle of writing my last post I got completely side tracked and spent a good half hour exploring his blog, Old Paper Art (oldpaperart.blogspot.com). The mixture of history and art is amazing. I find myself so inspired by his art I want to quit writing, and go pick up my own colored pencils.

Although he has pieces on many different subjects, my favorites are the canning jars: (click the pictures to view their origin posts)

Design Inspiration/Cautionary Tale: 70's Home Decor

Matt and I found this 1976 copy of The Complete Basic Book of Home Decorating by Doubleday. It was $2 at ARC and it was worth it for these amazing pictures:

“Here’s a clever idea for an unexpected bonus in the small apartment, a niche… single mattress sits on platform carpeted same as floor.” The book goes on to explain the wallpaper is “Thai-like.”

“A sun-drenched bedroom restates the golden and azure scheme of the outdoors…”

“There is new furniture designed expressly for one-room living… Wall unit includes a desk, hi-fi, record storage, and a folding single bed in the left bay.”

“Carpet color was selected… to help disguise soil from constant stairway traffic”

“A Roman shade in a fabric to match plaid wallpaper drops down for formal moments”

“A pleasing color scheme derived from a fabric-yellow, yellow-green, yellow-orange.”

“The seldom used porch of a mountain cottage is now a pleasant extra sitting room”

“Fringe accents a lambrequin, white window shade, and circular tablecloth into one pretty picture for dinning.”

“Unite two widely spaced uninteresting windows into one important eye-catcher… Match the couch to the window’s dress then let yellow, and yellow-green take over the walls and upholstered pieces.”

Although current design trends would caution against most if not all of these room schemes, pulling one element like the printed wall-paper, eye-meltingly bright colors, or heavy use of curtain could look very interesting… just don’t put them all together. My favorite things are the dusty blue paint and floor to ceiling shelving in the second picture. My favorite room to hate is the first picture, shaggy carpeted platforms definitely needs to stay in the 70’s!