I have, since my days of being a very small …

I have, since my days of being a very small girl, always been drawing, painting, or otherwise creating. Throughout my adolescence I almost always had a project I was working on in my spare time. Over the years those projects morphed from art to practical design as I worked on making every rental I came to feel more like home. In the spring of 2010, I began to document those projects, and Zounds began to take shape. Throughout the last 5 years, even when I wasn’t posting every day, I was creating every day, and no project has ever felt truly done until I’ve shared it on Zounds. Taking my free WordPress blog and turning it into my own .com, along with opening the Zounds Store is the culmination of years of work. Eight years later now, I have found that my brand evolves with me as I try new creative avenues and this site is a reflection of that.Signature






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