Thrifted Treasures

I haven’t had too much time to browse second-hand stores lately so this round-up actually covers about 4 months. I picked up these two first items at Pennywise, a thrift shop in Westminster a couple of minutes away from where I used to live. I actually bought these on two separate occasions. The first a porcelain butterfly:

It is marked with a made in Japan sticker and the base has a metal clip so you can display it. It looks so whimsical perched on my lampshade:

Porcelain Butterfly Clip-On 3

The other item I found at Pennywise is this abalone inlaid plate:

I have it hanging on the wall and I love how the inlay catches the light.

The second to last item in this little round up is a pair of bright green Bakelite clip-on earrings!

Bakelite Clip-On Earrings

Bakelite is an early form of plastic, and in recent years thanks to a resurgence in popularity many old plastic pieces are labeled as “Bakelite.” Check out this article from Real or Repo on how to identify real Bakelite.

I found them at an ARC, but it looks like they use to be for sale somewhere else. The clip on the one is broken, which is just as well as I intend to turn them into posts.

Lastly I  bought this large slice of agate at an ARC in Aurora, it had an ugly snow scene painted in acrylic on the back but it chipped off easily.

Agate Slice

As a kid I had a polished rock collection, and one of my favorite ones was a 2 inch slice of bright pink agate. Lately I have seen agate all over the DIY community, in fact while I was pulling together a couple examples I found dozens of unique agate projects.

The first I would say was the project that started off the agate inspired project explosion a couple years back; DIY Anthropologie knock off gold edged coasters this example from Totally the Bomb.


Also popular the knob or drawer pull project, this one from Vintage Meets Glam.


Lastly, I found this awesome tutorial on how to make faux agate out of polymer clay from Fall for DIY. This would be amazing for jewelry, when the real thing is too heavy or unwieldy. I think it looks super realistic:

faux agate

For my own blue slice of agate, I don’t have anything too crazy in mind. At the moment it’s serving as a eye-popping base for an air plant. Pick up your own agate slices and get creating!

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