I Published an Adult Coloring Book!

In the Garden Coloring Book 0

A few months ago I started creating adult coloring pages for a completely different project. I was having fun doing it, which got me thinking about creating my own adult coloring book. It went through a few iterations, and a few months of work but In the Garden: A Botanic Coloring Book is available now! Below is the first 10 pages, in total there are 32 unique designs in the book.

You might wonder why I chose to use the word “botanic” rather than the more common “botanical”. Well both words are generally considered to hold the same mean, relating to plants. However, botanic’s usage has fallen off the map in the 21st century. Seeing as “Zounds” itself is an outmoded word, I felt it was only fitting for my first coloring book title to pay homage.

I published through Createspace, and it was really a very simple, straight forward process. My favorite part was designing the cover, I used a few of the designs from the book, and filled them in with watercolors. Incidentally I have been using this watercolor set lately, and absolutely adore it! It’s super compact, the colors are very vibrant and the little paint brush is perfect for detail work. Anyway, the cover image is now available as a free printable coloring sheet, the link to all my free In the Garden printables is at the bottom of this post.

Also now available for purchase through the Zounds’ Store the In the Garden Postcard Set. 6 4.25″ x 6″ cards with unique designs not featured in the coloring book, and postcard backs.

In the Garden Postcard Set 1

In the Garden Postcard Set 2

In the Garden Postcard Set 3

FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY! To celebrate the release of In the Garden: A Botanic Coloring Book, use coupon code GARDEN to receive 50% off this item!  




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  1. anne haines says:

    Lovely designs! I’m not into adult coloring books but many people are. I could see your illustrations used in a variety of different ways. Good luck with your new venture!

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