My Latest Light-box Iteration and New Lenses!

I’ve posted several times about light-boxes, my first was a small DIY I setup in my project room, the next was a short-lived larger installation in my basement. Now that I have absolutely no room for a permanent installation and minimal access to light a folding light box was really the best option. I bought the StudioPRO 24″ Photo Studio¬†from Amazon, it comes with two standing lights with daylight bulbs and 4 backdrops. Here it is in use:

Lightbox 3

Check out the comparison below, the backdrops really make a difference. My only complaint about this light tent really isn’t a problem with the product but with storage, the backdrops get such bad creases in them they require ironing each time you want to use them. If I had the storage space, I would just hang them up so they didn’t get the wrinkles inside the storage bag but otherwise I have been VERY happy with this light box.

Lightbox 2

StudioPRO 24" Photo Studio

I also bought new lenses for my iPhone, including a macro, wide-angle and fish-eye. I bought these ones, they are clip-on so they fit any phone. Macro is addicting-ly fun to play with!

Todd’s nose:

Macro Todd Nose

Beer bottle label:

Macro Beer Label

Brass necklace chain:

Macro Chain

Henna powder:

Macro Henna Powder

Gemstone Orchid:

Macro Gemstone Orchid

Vintage stamp:

Macro Cancelled Stamp

Cameo pendant:

Macro Brooch

White daisy:

Macro White Daisy

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