Hanging a Lightweight Tapestry

A tapestry is technically defined as a thick piece of woven fabric, so a “lightweight” tapestry can’t really exist. I guess “wall hanging” would be more appropriate or maybe just “fabric I’m going to put on the wall”. I bought this batik dyed cotton wall hanging from Urban Outfitters:

Urban Outfitters

Possibly the dark colors were a mistake in the basement room I’m currently living in, but I loved the pattern, and it does feel cozy. I bought a 5 foot roll of adhesive backed Velcro similar to┬áthis stuff. If your tapestry is heavier weight or you want added security from pulling you could also buy sew-able Velcro and stitch it to the fabric. I took the easy route and just applied the Velcro tape to the top back of my fabric, after ironing all the creases out.

Hang a Lightweight Tapestry 1

I took the other side of the tape and applied it to the wall:

Hang a Lightweight Tapestry 2

Then simply stick them together!

Hang a Lightweight Tapestry 3

Here is what that stretch of wall looked like before:

Hang a Lightweight Tapestry 0

And after with the mirror replaced:

Hang a Lightweight Tapestry 5

I love the height it gives to the space! If I were using this method to hang a tapestry on a taller wall I think I would be nice to add Velcro to the bottom edge as well, it would give it more structure and reduce the chance it would get blown about. In my case there is still a few inches laying on the floor so it’s not an issue.

What do you think? Wall hangings too bohemian for your style? Too eclectic? Either way adhesive backed Velcro is an inexpensive method to hang lightweight items!

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