Thrift Store Round Up

I haven’t bought much at thrift stores lately. Working full-time has left me with minimal time to browse and space constraints means that even if I find something cool I don’t have anywhere to put it anyway! However, in the last 4 months or so I have still managed to find some things:

Overgrown Quarry by William Thon (1906-2000) an abstract lithograph, check out his biography from The Caldwell Gallery.

Lithograph Thon

I would love to re-frame it eventually, I don’t think the brown mat is doing much for it. It’s hanging across from my headboard, so I see it very often. The abstract-ness of the cracked leaf-vein like patterns have worn off and now I see very defined trees and the walls of the quarry, and the cuts into the rock.

Lithograph Thon 1


I also found a turned plywood lamp, it looks like a homemade project:

Turned Plywood Lamp

Turned Plywood Lamp

Turned Plywood Lamp

Turned Plywood Lamp

I also found this clock, you see tons of different examples of these at second-hand stores:

Clock 1

The wood is always beautiful on these old wall clocks, but the ornate gold dial and hands that are typical on these are hideous! The problem is these types of clocks and wall hangings have been covered in a thick coats of clear sealant.

Mid Century Live Edge Clock

Removing the dial would be very difficult, and removing the clear coat would be such a mess I doubt it would be worth it in the end. Possibly on one of the very large examples of this type of vintage piece it would be worth the hassle. I’m not sure yet how I will fix up my clock… maybe a little paint… maybe a little veneer… maybe flip it over and remove the little bit of clear coat that’s on the back and turn it into the front… I don’t know yet.

Mid Century Live Edge Clock

Lastly I found a vintage example of a silverware ring:

Vintage Silverware Ring

I would estimate that it’s from the late 70’s to mid 80’s range, which was the last time these rings were popular. Although there is really no way to tell, the only markings are of course from the silverware manufacturer! These rings have had a resurgence in popularity in the last couple of year, especially the DIY versions which have been all over Pinterest. You can read my tutorial, and see examples of what I created a few years back here. I think my thrift ring is a professional’s creation however, the neat spiral, smooth free edges, and the alignment of the top and bottom pattern are very uniform for an amateurs attempt.

Vintage Silverware Ring 2

Like I said not too much, but all things I couldn’t pass up. Happy thrifting 🙂

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