New Thrift Store & Apollo Butterflies

Matt and I visited a thrift store I’ve never been to the other day (I know shocking!). If you’re in the Denver area, check out Demi’s Treasures & Thrift Store. We actually came to pick up this cabinet:

Mid-Century Stand Alone Cabinet


Matt had been in and seen it a few days before and thought I would probably want it. He was right! It’s a really interesting kinda stand alone cabinet with great mid-century legs.

I also found an unabridged 1950’s-ish dictionary. Which if you have seen any of my mixed media pages or the prints for sale in the store you know I use constantly.

Dictionary 6

Dictionary 3

I got a bit carried away when photographing it… but I got such neat shots and textures from it. I’m sure I’ll use them for different graphics projects in future:

Dictionary 14

Dictionary 11

Dictionary 13

Flipping through the pages of this enormous tome I found what I thought were moths squished between the pages:

Parnassius Apollo Butterfly

I figured they were from around Colorado, and I looked up some moth identification guides for the area and found no species that looked remotely like them.

Parnassius Apollo Butterfly

I tried a different approach, and just searched their description. Finally I got a name, Apollo butterflies. Or more specifically these insects are of the order Lepidoptera, family Papilionidae, subfamily Parnassiinae, genus Parnassius.


There are hundreds of species of Apollos, they live in a variety of high altitude areas in the Himalayas, and Americas. Due to their limited migration areas, this genus is especially vulnerable to genetic drift hence the wide variety of species. I didn’t try very hard to ID the exact species that my little butterflies are; it’s very difficult to start without a region they were found in. Presumably they didn’t come from Asia, but one of the offshoots that made it to the high altitude areas of the west coast. I found nothing that said Apollo butterflies can live in Colorado. In any case they are pretty; I would like to frame them at some point.

Parnassius Apollo Butterfly

Parnassius Apollo Butterfly

Parnassius Apollo Butterfly

Do you like the home decor trend of framed specimens or do you think insects of any description belong outside? Let me know below!

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  1. Marla says:

    Love the little end table – the door is finished on both sides – the inside weaving looks in perfect shape – originally the “cane” door would be showing on the outside, but when the owner got tired of it, they flipped the door around. Interested in seeing what you do with it…

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