End Table Refurbishment

End Table Veneer Refurbishment

This project has been in the works for 3 years… 4 years… I can’t even say for sure. I don’t even have a proper “before” picture for it, I know I took some but they’ve been lost to time. The best I found were from old posts like this one, it’s the table the lamp is sitting on:

Funky White Lamp

We bought this beat up table for less than $5 at a Savers in Aurora as an add-on to the nightstands, chairs and other things we picked up. It looked to us like someones wood shop project, all the pieces of wood are different species, and different quality, the front molding doesn’t match the rest of the table, but the craftsmanship is surprisingly solid. The whole table was completely covered in graffiti as you can see above.

It sat in our duplex in Aurora in its unaltered state for maybe a year. When we moved into the house in Westminster, I used wood filler to fix the deep scratches, gave the whole body a light sanding and a coat of white primer. Then it sat in that house barely fixed for another year, here it is looking shabby in the background of my light fixture/terrarium post:

Brass Done fixed

You can just barely see it in the photo above, but the drawer was the main reason I waited so long to fix this project. The bottom corners of the face were badly chipped away. I thought about re-creating the corners with wood fill and painting it as well, but I don’t really like the look or durability of painted furniture. So the table sat like this for another 6 months or so.

Finally I ordered some oak veneer for another project and it occurred to me I could just re-cover the face. I filled a couple of new dents, sprayed a coat of primer, and then spray painted the whole body glossy white:

Veneer End Table DIY 2

Here is the drawer before:

Veneer End Table DIY 4 (4)

Veneer End Table DIY 3

I removed the pulls, and wood filled the center line. I then coated both the veneer sheet and the drawer face with white glue :

Veneer End Table DIY

Veneer End Table DIY 1

I left the drawer face down and under as much weight could balance on it for 24 hours. I took wood filler and added mass on the back of the veneer to fill in the chipped parts of the original drawer. After sanding and a coat of dark Danish Oil all it needed was new hardware, I went with this bronze metal tree branch pull from Hobby Lobby. You can also order a set of two online from Amazon. All done!

End Table Veneer Refurbishment

Actual time spent on this project was probably less than 2 hours… just spread out over several years. I really like how it looks now, and it’s great additional storage. What do you think? Love the white body, dark wood combo that’s been so popular in recent years or think it’s starting to look dated? I think it’s a great way to save old pieces with good bones and bad veneer or laminate.

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