I’d Like To Write a- Haiku About Thrift-ing but- Alas I’m Out of

First up I found another vintage blue Ball canning jar! This one dates to about 1910-ish:

Ball Jar 2

As you can see the logo is just barely visible:

Ball Jar 4

The glass is beautifully bubbly and irregular! I love the soft blue color of the early jars, so different then the later purposely blue color. I have a dream of one day finding enough jars from different periods to display them in a spectrum of light to dark blue. The lid of course is not vintage, or rather it is old but more likely from the 60’s-70’s.

Ball Jar 5

The original zinc lids for these jars are pretty rare, I’ve never found a jar with one. Presumably the jars that wind up in thrift stores were still being used for canning and it made far more sense to replace with new better sealing lids.

If you want to date your own Ball brand jar, compare the logo to the chart found in this post.

Next up, two jewelry items. These funky swirl post earrings:

Vintage Swirl Earrings

And this lovely cameo brooch:

Vintage Cameo Pin

I hate the gold… and the fact that it’s a brooch… I would love to turn it into a ring or maybe a pendant. Either way I’ve always had a thing for cameos. What do you think about cameos? Vintage chic or old and fussy?

Lastly and best-ly this absolutely amazing iron and wood school desk:

Vintage School Desk

It’s got a fold up seat, a slot in the back for books, and a hole in the desktop for an inkwell. From my cursory research I would say it’s from the 1940’s to 1950’s. It could really use some refurbishment; you can tell its been heavily used, as is common for school desks. In fact, condition is the number one factor when accessing the value of any old iron type desk, since so many of them are in a pitiable condition after decades of schoolchildren abuse. The other big factor for the value is the intricacy of the iron pattern. Mine is a very simple, utilitarian design, but earlier desks often had very complex scroll work running up the sides.

It’s actually a lot more comfortable to sit on than it looks, but I think it works best as an end table. It definitely adds a very eclectic vibe to the sitting room.

One last thing, did you like my Haiku title? Check out writeahaiku.com for an easy way to count out 5, 7, 5 syllables and make your own! Try it out and post it in the comments!

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