New Year & New Site!

If you haven’t been on Zounds for a while (or perhaps got a 404 error last time you tried… oops!) you can see that the site has changed a bit. I moved from a free account with WordPress to my own site! I started the process of migrating last January and thought that I would have it done in a couple of months… wow was I underestimating the amount of work required. However, I’ve created a new site, migrated my content, configured all the settings, moved my domain, added tons of new features, crashed the site, got it back up and voila: the new and improved Zounds Designs!

I’ve tried in this redesign to add more structure to my content, instead of the endlessly scrolling dump of posts typical of a free blog. For instance I created a¬†dedicated video gallery:Screenshot001

And a portfolio of my graphic design work:


In addition to the massive site overhaul, this is also the grand opening of the Zounds Store where my original art and vintage treasures are available for purchase. Screenshot

I’ve migrated all of my subscribers to my new site, but check your settings to make sure you are still signed up to receive the latest Zounds content. Thank you all for your support and here’s to a fantastic new year!

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