Mixed Media Monday: It Doesn’t Always Turn Out The Way You Planned

I’ve mentioned that I use packing tape or contact paper for image transfers on here before, though I can’t find if I ever explained them. For the pages I’m showing you today I used a large contact paper transfer. Here are the greeting cards I started with:

Contact Paper Image Transfer

I cut them into strips and arranged them:

Contact Paper Image Transfer

I burnished each card onto the contact paper:

Contact Paper Image TransferTo turn this into a transfer, I stuck the whole thing into a bowl of water and let it soak until the paper was falling off. Rubbing gently with my fingers I got the rest of the paper fibers off the contact paper. I let my transfer dry on paper towels, sticky side up until I was ready for it.

Contact Paper Image Transfer

Tip for Image Transfers:

None of the transfers I’ve made are still sticky enough to use as is, I use spray adhesive before adding them to my journal.

I’ve had good results with packing tape and contact paper, I’ve heard you can use a thick coat of modge podge but I haven’t tried that.

The best images to use for backgrounds have lots of white space, white in printing is a lack of ink so there will be clear spaces on the transfer for your page to show through. You can also transfer whole images or words and add them to the foreground of your pages.

One other technique to try is covering a magazine page with a stencil and then the contact paper, then treating it like a normal transfer to get a patterned image transfer.

To store transfers that you made and aren’t using right away, put them sticky side down on wax paper.

While making this week’s art journal pages, the right side page never looked right despite my attempts to fix it. In the end I rip it out of the journal. Sometimes art journal pages don’t turn out the way you would have liked.

Art Journal Half Page

Art Journal Half Page

I used Inktense blocks, the image transfer from above, my sewing machine with red thread, some gessoed dictionary pages, and a variety of other things on the  page that gets ripped out sooooo it doesn’t really matter. Watch the video below, like it and have a great rest of your Monday!

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