Paper Mache Clay Floor Vase

A while back I bought this cardboard vase second hand for $5, with the intention of modifying it for use as a floor vase for these branches.

Large Cardboard Vase

The problem with the branches is that they look best very tall but so much of their length is taken up if they have to be at the bottom of a vase. To remedy this, I turned the vase on it’s head and added new cardboard to make a floor vase with a false bottom. Here is the addition before trimming and gluing:

And after:

To even out the whole vase and give strength to the neck I used paper mache clay. I found the recipe on Ultimate Paper Mache. The author Jonni, has tons of recipes, tips, and pictures of her own incredible paper mache sculptures. Her recipe for paper mache clay is a roll of toilet paper, joint compound, white glue, flour, and oil. The full recipe can be found on her website here.

I mixed all the ingredients together in a plastic bucket with an electric mixer and slathered it on to my form:

It took three sessions to completely cover the vase in clay.

Paper Mache Clay Vase

I was going to do a few more and even out the texture, but it’s grown on me. Plus, I don’t know if I want to paint it or finish it in┬ásome other way, so for now it’s done.

Here it is holding the branches in my front room:

Paper Mache Clay Floor Vase

Paper Mache Clay Floor Vase

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